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Send me an email:

Tell me what words you would like to have written (Example: "bowties are cool")

I will calculate a price using the following system:
5$ per phrase plus 1.25$ per word plus 0.25$ per letter
(Example, in "bowties are cool" there is one phrase, three words, and 14 letters, making it cost 12.25$)

I will then sketch and plan the design to fit the style, rough shape, and any other special features you want. Basically, you tell me what you want, and I tell you what I can do for you and what ideas I have. 

Then I do a nice, digital copy and send it to you and maybe make some edits :) 
so, a good portion of chaos in my life is over... and I can start doing commissions again :D

Since I am a little tight on money right now, I am going to have to charge a bit more than usual, though (sorry). I will charge $6 plus $1.30 per word plus $.30 per letter. 

I will also be in a bit of a POST EVERYTHING spree because I did do a bunch of random stuff in this long break of not posting things. Also, I probably won't write a lot in the description.
Sorry, But I think I will retire for a little bit now. 

If you still want something done in Gallifreyan, this is Kiempo's deviantART gallery. He is quite skilled
If you know someone who you think would like my work, you can commission me. Many people have already had me write their name or phrases that mean something to them in Gallifreyan. These usually turn out to be gifts or tattoos. I charge a base price of $5 and add $1.25 for every word in your request plus $.25 for every letter. I can shop the writing onto any picture or color scheme you want and add color and effects to the designs. If you are interested, email me at and we can discuss your project from there :)

(School is just starting, so my prices are back to normal)