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You are what you eat: Diatoms by sirkles You are what you eat: Diatoms by sirkles
I am going to actually write a decently long description for this piece :) 

About Diatoms:

Diatoms are a very common group of algae that live in nearly all bodies from water, from puddles and swamps to streams to oceans. If you ever come across a rock covered in slimy brown gunk, you are likely looking at millions of diatoms. Diatoms are special because their cell wall is made of silica (glass), which leaves behind the pretty skeletons I have photographed and arranged in the above picture. 

Since they are the base of the aquatic food chain, along with other algae, they end up either directly or indirectly feeding, quite literally, all of the fish in the sea. 

About this piece:

I collected, processed, plated, identified, photographed, and edited all of the diatoms in the picture, so if you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask. 

The microscope I used was a Leica DM 2000 (which is very nice, but not top of the line). 

Background taken using darkfield mircoscopy using a 40x objective and edited very slightly (The only thing I adjusted was the color. These diatoms really do make interesting shapes like that). The diatom species present are: Diatoma vulgaris, Asterionella formosa, and Fragilaria sp.

The fish is a collage of diatoms that I manipulated using photoshop. Some of the diatoms are significantly warped, but most are still recognisable to species. The species present are: Meridion circulare var. constrictum, Eunotia tetraodon, Cymbella mexicana, Epithemia argus, Eunotia fureyae, Amphicampa mirabilis, Semiorbis rotundus, Cocconeis placentula, Surirella brebissonii and Cyclotella meneghiniana.

Yeah, science! 

(see, taking 8 college credits in algae is totally worth it!)
Inudoragon23 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Student General Artist
Wow! That's a very clever way to use scientific photos! :D
sirkles Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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