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Spinning (with color)

This makes me happy :) ... And I would like to thank Gucken for letting me use "Cosmic View" as a background for this. If you like this, I highly recommend checking out his page at this [link]

Here is a [link] to all five of my sketches, and here is a [link] to the black and white copy
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Your style is amazing.  Do you do commissions?  If so I have a few (much simpler) designs I would like to see your rendition of.  I am a Whovian-Browncoat and am getting some new tattoos of Firefly quotes which have personal meaning done in circular Gallifreyan but my artistic talent falls far short of this.  Bravo!
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Sure :) happy to help a fellow whovian-Browncoat out :) 

my price is $5 plus $1.25 per word plus $.25 per letter. I am rather busy with school and sports and band and orchestra right now... so It may be a while before I finish, it might take a week or several depending on how long the quote is. 

I prefer to communicate over email, mine is 
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OK, I'm an idiot.  I post that then look at your main page so I can add you to my watch list, see your main post.  >.< Duh.  Be on the lookout for a few commission requests, soon.  :D
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Woah. I think I'm going to try to attempt an awesome Gallifreyan piece this weekend. Thanks for re-inspiring me!
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Your welcome :)
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