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Dreams and Nigntmares by sirkles Dreams and Nigntmares by sirkles
The circle on the left says "Such beautiful dreams." The circle on the right says "Such horrible nightmares."

The trickiest things for translating in this are in the nightmares circle. The only thing I see in the dreams circle that could be confusing are the lines on the "m", but in the nightmares circle, there are several tricky things. The "s" arc does cross the exact bottom making it the first letter even though it looks like it could be last. The dots for the "ch" could be confused to belong to the "s" (context rules that out because it already has three lines). The "o" on the "h" is really big. The "i" is also big. The "n" is also not clearly the first letter of the "nightmares", but it still technically is (for the same reasons as the first "s") then finally, one of the "s" lines is really friggen huge. Read carefully and you should be fine... I think that just about covers everything questionable... :)

When drawing this, I started this with a mirror image of the word circles, then added the details. So they are meant to look similar since dreams and nightmares are basically the same thing. I also tried to make the dreams circle look bubblier with the dot chains and curved lines while I made the points and straight lines make the nightmares circle look harsher. I love it when I can make the look of the words reflect their meaning :) it makes makes me feel special :3

Edit: Teehee... my boyfriend kindly pointed out how this looks like a bra...
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It means so much when you compliment my work :)
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