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Anti-Meth Ad

I painted this for my state wide anti meth ad campain that was goin on. Meth is a big problem in Montana. now its crack-but what ever. I painted this to syblolise what meth does to you. its a slow bullet but DOES fuck your brain right over. this got a pretty negative reflection by some in the community. but--idk. as far as the contest goes-i got $2000 and that was reaally nice!
hope you guys like it
its also about 6 feet tall.
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Jul 10, 2006, 3:42:05 AM
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Hey Sir Kenneth, can I buy this to post on my blog? The article is about crystal meth.

I love this, such a powerful message, but what is the word under disease?
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Meth is EVIL.... EVIL.... EVIL!!!!
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wow,this is really good. maaaaaaaaaaaaaan,meth seems so scaaaary!
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I just saw it on the website! Frickin' EPIC!!!
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What an amazing idea. Great work!
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It's so brutal it almost feels like you can imagine the bullet coming out of the otherside of your head.

"Amazed" is a cheap over-used word that hardly describes what I feel tords this sickening and outrageously awesome piece.
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Brilliant. Really.
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:o Loved it!
The man's expression is just perfect! and all the associations are right, plus the red message...
it's an amazing idea, original and well done.
thanks for sharing!
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this is very powerful- i am a recovering meth addict and you captured it very well
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Thanks! That means a lot! Glad you beat it.
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this is an amazing painting! love the message in red
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Thanks! That was my mums idea :S
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is this still up?
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It is in my parents basement-I think a part of it has been cut up for wood! The police made me take it down a few days after posting it because it offended people....
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i guess awareness offends
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Cool I saw it on

I hate meth I am against it.
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Really? hahah thats great. I hate meth, such a stupid thing to do. I hope this effected some people!
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Well it affected me. They import meth or should I say smuggle to Sweden too I've heard. It so awful what this awful drug can do to a person.
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Very deep.
I love this
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That says so much and I know what it can really do to people, my best friend is one lucky soul.. he's getting help.... he almost overdosed last weekend and I am 100% grateful to people like you who do so much to put the message out there.
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