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Finally I can announce Traction Wars is moving to CryEngine 3! This means we are now a stand-alone game. Hopefully in the near future you can enjoy playing Traction Wars at no costs. It will be totally FreeForPlay.

After carefully weighing up the pros and cons between continuing to use Crysis Wars and moving up to CRYENGINE3 we decided the benefits greatly outweighed the disadvantages. The more advanced engine provides better optimisation, smoother physics and better graphics which enable us to make richer and more absorbing environments and even more exciting gameplay.

Read the full announcement article here:…
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Traction Wars is a world war II realism mod for Crysis Wars. Its being developed by the Traction Wars team. An very talented and creative team and I have joined them as a 2D artist. I'm responsible for all the 2D arts and interactions. Like HUD and in game menu. At the moment the mod is still in development and I cant show any work or progress. But check out the Traction Wars website or there ModDB profile… for latest news and updates.

Please follow Traction Wars on Twitter for the latest news, exclusive content, official updates and sneak peaks.
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