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Sonic.exe - THE REMAKE

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By SirJCHyena231   |   
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© 2017 - 2020 SirJCHyena231

The remake you've all been waiting for!

It's ready for you all to download and to enjoy on All-Hallows Eve! ^^

Just press the "RTF Download" button on the right side of the page. XD

You can also find it on Furaffinity! Enjoy everybody! :D…


Fave, comment and NO STEALING!!! Thank you! ^w^

The Sonic.exe Remake is created by © Me, Sir JC the Hyena
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Alone again on a Friday night? God, you're pathetic.
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In my opinion, you’re the king of bad creepypastas. None of your stories were scary, you don’t spellcheck, and Practically means almost JC. Please stop writing creepypastas.

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Miko-The-FoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Voice-samaHobbyist General Artist

Look, dude. This is just IT all over again.

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Is this the story where Sonic becomes Kero the Wolf?
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jenngra505Hobbyist Digital Artist

Strangely enough, there were some pretty tense moments in this pasta. Clearly needs more work to fix the grammar errors and occasional stupid moments (The first problem I noticed is the description of Tom's interest in Sonic was barely changed from the opening line of the original trashfest).

6/10 enjoyment wise
4/10 quality wise

P.S I personally think X should take the corrupted form of something its victim loves and cherishes instead of just being an evil Sanic all the time. (You can still keep the Sonic forms for when he plays with Tom)

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MLGSuperSonicGamerStudent Artist
I dont know why.. But i just discovered this existed. When i was young I watched people play the sonic exe fan game and it gave me nightmares for a few days cause my freinds told stories about it. Soon I was like ehh, Now that i literely just discovered the remake about half a hour ago i read it as slowley as possible. I dont know why people hate it, but i think its WAY better then the original. Just maybe the old Sonic.exe may be a bit more scarier cause the blood and stuff. Also the picture where he says "im god" or something. Here he just looks like the werehog sonic but wayy messed up and creepy. The old sonic exe just seemed to love killing where this one just likes to play games with souls or something. He says he doesn't kill then but he technically does, Remove a soul from a body is kinda killing. Plus you cant put it back inside. He ripped there mouths which made me a bit freaked out. If you see this or not i just tellin yea i liked the story alot even if people hate it. Also if there are grammar/spelling mistakes in the message please dont mind it if your reading it.
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TheDarkCoreHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think that is worst than Sonic.exe Round 2. However. Is not better in any way either. Plenty plot holes. Why are the Green Siblings tagging Tom along if he doesn't knows anything more than then? And even when gets more knowledge, he gets it from the internet So the Green Twins or whatever just needed a literal Google search to crack the case. Tom is completely superfluous in this whole ordeal.
Now that we are talking about superfluous aspects of this revamped tale. A lot of times the narration introduces plot points, just for the characters to mention them almost verbatim. While previous stories could be trimmed to a third or a fifth of their length by just getting rid of reiteration. This one might be chopped to two thirds. Yet again. That is far from improvement. 
Last thoughts. Try to actually improve your writing JCtheHyenna. Failing is meaningless if you don't learn from it.
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Kenneth-SetserHobbyist General Artist
I remember this back in 2012.
Good Times
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ENAMCreatorHobbyist Digital Artist
I have read the entire story and honestly, it looks kind of rushed.

I mean I appreciate the fact that you're trying to remake a old creepypasta but honestly, this remake just doesn't seem to live up to my own expectations.

Sure the description of the game is better and the whole Cult of X thing is an interesting addition to the plot. But honestly X just comes off as an edgy teen to me. I'll still read the second chapter to see if any improvement has been made though, I do believe you'll make a good story even if I didn't like the first chapter.

Overall, I give the story a 2.5/5. The characters were meh but it didn't take away the reading experience. Keep making stories though, you seem to have a good interest in writing.
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WinkeyCtrlRHobbyist Interface Designer
one of the fonts are listed as "hacked" even though it looks the same as arial (the default font).
I take it I need to install that font
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Hatchetstein4RealHobbyist Artist
This this looks like a convincing remake. ;D 
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EliteNatsukiFanHobbyist Digital Artist
I think I----

Really like this!

I think this has to be the best story of yours I've seen. I genuinely liked the originals too despite their flaws. You could fix up some of the grammar, but that's really one of the only problems I see with this. I'm really looking forward to part 2! Keep it up, JC!
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jc i know people say its bad but i dont mind yeah sure ive been a fan of your work but im stilling to admit its bad but its not as bas as these people make it out to be they dont get how hard it is to make a creepypasta, if your going to make a part 2 im reading the whole fucking thing and if something seems off ill tell you okay? just dont listen to these people who think they know it all.
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AutisTicTacHobbyist General Artist
it's called criticism
SonicEXETMLAS's avatar
im talking abut the ones flat out being an asshole
AutisTicTac's avatar
AutisTicTacHobbyist General Artist
ok that's fair enough
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XrnophobicMobianHobbyist Writer
I actually liked it better than the original...a bit.
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I got three different kinds of STDs and stage four brain cancer reading this shit, so... When's the sequel coming out? :D
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This one's still garbage

Why the fuck did you have to upload it to Furaffinity, why did you even need to say you had a furaffinity account holy shit, also, were you the one that was tard raging in the Kiwi Farms because it got taken off the Creepypasta Wiki and uploaded to the Trollpasta wiki?
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supermariojustin4Hobbyist Artist
Sadly, yes. But, he has regretted doing that ever since.
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AutisTicTacHobbyist General Artist
This story is garbage. The original was already bad, but now you've gone and made it EVEN WORSE. There's no hyper-realism, SpOoKy BlOod or anything like that, and the game Tom plays is written better than the original, I'll give it that. But what made the original bad is replaced by making Tom a complete Gary Stu, making it less believable than the original and trying to make it so similar to It, it (pun not intended) gets really jarring. You failed to make a good horror story three fucking times. THREE. In a row, mind you. Embarrassing. Either actually learn from what made your stories so bad or just write another genre of story next time. And I do not want a chapter two of this anytime soon.
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So what if you don't want a chapter 2? He's gonna make it anyway and you can't really stop him from doing what makes him happy. Besides, he's trying his best, he's not trying to have the stories taken seriously. People are still giving JC a hard time, I mean come on, he's learnt his lesson, he knows why their bad, he's even stated that he takes full responsibility for his rant and says that if he could improve on the stories he would.

Besides, I thought this was better than the original.
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