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35th Century Earth

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The year is 3553 ... Earth still spins, orbiting the same old sun. Its atmosphere is no longer breathable, having been irreparably damaged in the 31st century.

The last surface trees died out over two centuries ago and exist now only as the highly prized objects of a hobby only the Elite are able to practise.

The green you see is a bio-synthetic, methane-to-oxygen converting plant grown by EarthCore, the global government organisation. They are the self-appointed caretakers of what is left of the rock in space human beings call home.

The dark blue you see are water ducts, reaching the surface in order to keep the constantly flowing water cool.

Energy has never been more abundant since we tapped into the earth's deepest geothermal depths.

The windows exist only because the vast intercity network developed early in the 24th century, covering the earth's entire landmass in just under a 2 centuries. From there, we had only one way to go: down. Before, the richest of the rich claimed surface level residences for the amazing "skyviews" caused by an already changing (though still breathable) atmosphere. Huge hivehomes were built in allocated areas below ground for the poor masses.

Now though, those same masses exist only at the surface, when the atmosphere became poison, the air icy cold, the sky a constant, ominous red-black. The rich dug down, and continue to build lavish underground oasis's while the rest squabble over places to live that have as little atmosphere leaking into them as possible.

[There is so much more to this story...; "to be continued."]
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