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Romani Flag

This is my rendition of the Romani Flag. I hope you like it.
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WOA. I am a slow person. I always got that the wheel was probably a symbol fora wagon wheel, but I never caught that the blue and green colors were symbols for the sky and ground. MAN I am slow.

I love Romani culture, despite knowing no Romani people. It's a damn shame Hollywood doesn't have more Romani characters who are just normal people, rather than the obligitory tolken/magical "Gypsy." Much as I do love Esmeralda, Simza, and Anna Valerious, I can totally see why some people would hate those characters because they are *all* that is out there for the Romani people in film.

Apologies for my tangent, I just felt like sharing.
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Tangents and digressions are the norm for people with big, wide and deep minds. :)
There are many beautiful cultures in the world, many have been demonised or simply wiped out by the outspread of Imperialism and other autocratic governments. C'est la vie.
I always appreciate the way that some cultures, such the Romani people, have been able to turn negativity into art. I'm proud to be Romani and am one of those who extends a friendly hand to whoever wishes to see past barriers (such as ethnicity and beliefs) and see the oneness in all humanity. Afterall, it is one and the same Earth and Sky is below and above us all.
Yeah, it is funny how Romani people are portrayed in the media. Heh.
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Yeah, it's very odd. Romani people, and Native Americans, are almost never portrayed in a modern setting in the media. It's very weird.
I realize that film and TV writers have to work with whatever actors they can find, and if you want a minority character it's easier (in the U.S.) to find an actor who's black, Asian or Hispanic than Romani or Native American; but if they can find actors to play Romani or Native Americans in fantasy or historical films, then I see no reason they can be used more in modern ones too. It's odd.
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Love this! Excellent rendition!
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Thanks a lot. Now that I have more skills in digital editing, maybe I can come up with something else. Keep a look out for it. :)
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This is such a wonderful concept. Im half Romani and I think this is a wonderful version of the flag! ^^
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Thanks Saya-Rein. Blessings! :)
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Mishto! Very Good job
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And I do like it. :D

I always thought it was an especially nice flag... and its theme lends itself to having a photographic background, since it represents land and sky anyhow. :)
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Hehe, yeah, the flag (with the blue and green) kinda gave me the idea, and it was a bit of a no-brainer. lol But, the trick was finding the right royalty free photograph and putting it all together. :)
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That's really sweet. I love it, and I'm a Romani myself! :D
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Sweetness. ;) Thanks for the comment.
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