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Aero Carriage Paper Model

Finally, after almost five months of work, it’s finished!
I present the “Electro-Magnetic Aero Carriage”. My newest paper model.
I had to re-model a lot of this puppy because it just did not translate well to a paper model. I also redid a lot of the textures because the old ones just looked too dull.

Tools used:
Blender :D
Photoshop (sorry GIMP users ;) )
And an excellent freeware program called “Wood Workshop” from Spiral Graphics.
I also used their free texture viewer and texture packages.
Check them out if you get the chance.

I hope you enjoy putting this paper model together. It’s been a pain and a pleasure for me (well…mostly a pleasure :p )
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It looks great!
I too started building this model - it looked so awesome. I broke my butt making the nose cone only to find out it doesn't even come close to matching up with the attached ring.  What a pity. I was so looking forward to having this Aero Carriage as part of my papercraft collection.
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I started building this kit, but found that it really has some horrible fitting problems. Rage 
Here are my photos and thoughts on your kit:…
Interesting models, I'd like to try them, but - is it me or there aren't download links for the files?
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If Sirius don´t repair his cut-out templates, you can´t biuld that beautiful model. Now I a bit learn draw in sketchup, but can´t export 3D model from Sirius .pdo file :( Now I build some stuff to Fallout Rob-Co terminal, but in future sure will look at this model and try repair it.

o_O FLATTERY?  No thanks, its pain in ass for me, it´s better unfold in pepakura designer :P
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Thank you.
The download links are located on the right hand side of the page just below the "Browse More Like This" Thumbnails.

Hope this helps :)
Soooo niiiiceeee!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
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Fantastic work!
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Thank you very much :D
I hope you enjoy building it!
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Wow I didn't know it was you until I saw the beautiful model. I have come to your page so many times and I am just beginning to know how to get around on the site. I think it is overwhelming at first. I still have so much to learn but I love your art. I have just started in SteamPunk. What wonderful art. I love it. I do miniatures and have seen so much of it out there. I am always in awe. And that is a good thing. If we loose our Awe, we loose desire.
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Thank you for the kind words :)
You really fall in love with Steampunk, it's such an open-ended art form. And you get to see so much creativity it becomes mind boggling.

And I couldn't agree more, a world without awe is a boring world indeed.
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A nice SteamPunk look! I hope to try my hand at it some day soon. I have an LZ 127 that is waiting for some instructions and, when I get that finished, I will maybe use that base model and see what I can do to punk it up a bit. I am thinking of switching over to Blender for modelling (Im using metasequoia and pepakura at the moment) so I will have to look for some tutorials to learn it by.
I pretty much stink at graphic arts but I keep plodding away at it. It is the one thing that makes a good model a great model. You got the skills and you should feel proud!
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Thank you for the kind comment :)
It makes me feel good when people appreciate my work.

If you are looking into creating your own paper models you may want to try a program called Google SketchUp. There is a free version of the program (which is what I use). And there is a free plugin for it called Flattery. You can model, texture and unfold you model all in the same program and it is much easier to learn than Blender. Don't get me wrong, I love Blender but for paper models it's a bit of a pain ;)

And don't worry about your graphic art skills. It all improves with practice :D
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so very Awesome!!
hey ... dun be mad, just curious, why don't you ever take photos of the live sculpture and post it?
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Thanks :D
I guess I am just too lazy to post pics.
I'm working on a set of Victorian houses right now so I guess I can post pics of the finished model.
Absolutely love it.
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Thank you very much :D
Hope you have fun building it.
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little progress in building

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Holy cow!
What an excellent idea :D
Very creative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with me.
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ups, I forgott give link to the gallery :-)

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