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time to thank my texture-related friends here. you can't imagine how much fun it is for me to just lose myself in their gallery of textures :D
so i invite you to have a look:

 :iconredwolf518stock: (his art is here :iconredwolf518:): he supported me through the years and i can't thank him enough ^^ he has many cool textures as well, here is a selection:

Texture Stock 500 by redwolf518stock Texture Stock 442 by redwolf518stock (so cool :D) B. D. Williams Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Fresh Brewed Texture Stock by redwolf518stock texture stock 270 by redwolf518stock Texture Stock 447 by redwolf518stock

 :iconcd-stock: from germany (thehe), happy to have spring here and offering really cool textures as well. you should have a look at her art too :iconfurorart:

Texture Sirius by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK ("Sirius"-Texture :heart:) Fade To Rust by CD-STOCK Mephisto Texture by CD-STOCK Aion by CD-STOCK Green Rust by CD-STOCK Summer Texture by CD-STOCK

i like her approach to textures, offering rough, unmanipulated textures next to crazy-color ones :D

i hope you enjoy their textures too!
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Seeing this a tad late - but thank you for featuring Jeff! We :heart: you so! Your textures really changed our art and inspired us to push our own boundaries with making our own resources. You're the best!