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time to thank my texture-related friends here. you can't imagine how much fun it is for me to just lose myself in their gallery of textures :D
so i invite you to have a look:

1. one of the few digital artists here that i admire () has a huge selection of totally free+premium textures and useful brushes. enough textures to lose yourself into, some examples:

(i used it here )

2. (his art is here ): he supported me through the years and i can't thank him enough ^^ he has many cool textures as well, here is a selection:

(so cool :D)

3. from germany (thehe), happy to have spring here and offering really cool textures as well. you should have a look at her art too

("Sirius"-Texture :heart:)

i like her approach to textures, offering rough, unmanipulated textures next to crazy-color ones :D

i hope you enjoy their textures too!
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Seeing this a tad late - but thank you for featuring Jeff! We :heart: you so! Your textures really changed our art and inspired us to push our own boundaries with making our own resources. You're the best!
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glad that you like the feature too ^^
i'm glad that i found both of you here, you create wonderful art, compliment each other.

i think everyone, who is in love with using textures, should try to create their own textures. there are so much possibilities to add depth, mood and details in very cool ways.

you're welcome :heart:
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Nice thank you (and love Massive Attack also) ;)
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thank you too :) massive attack is great indeed ^^
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Oooh, nice!
Faved for future use :D
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thank you, glad you like it ^^
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Being featured like this from one of my very favorite artists is such a thrill. Truly, you are SUCH an inspiration! Thank you, sir. You've made my week!
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since you're one of my top3 texture friends..:D well deserved. love what you do, exceptional, great in quality.
glad to make you happy with this :)
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Fantastic feature, very inspiring :)
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glad you like it :)
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Vielen lieben Dank für das großartige Feature :heart:
Freue mich sehr, dass du für mich Werbung machst.
Jetzt habe ich schon 105 Watcher! Dank dir <3
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dir auch vielen Dank :hug:
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Oh sehr schöne Texturen!
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freut mich, dass sie dir gefallen ^^
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:thanks: Thank You for sharing the links
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thank you for appreciating them :)
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My pleasure, watching them all now.
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Wonderful journal post! It will be so handy in the future! :D
thank you!!
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Thanks so much for the feature! I appreciate it so much my friend! And like I've said before, if it wasn't for your amazing work I would have never been inspired to make textures :thumbsup:
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