Texturized Feature III

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This is a selection of what you did (using my textures) in 1 week.
There are far more entries than that. If i missed you, you may be in the next feature.
Now let's take a look at these works!

Easy to Love by Bojan1558 One Day I'll Fly Away by Bojan1558 Limited palette - stream by Caoranach<da:thumb id="413883865"/>
Nefertiti by stergios Freak On A Leash by MachiavelliCroCoven by MachiavelliCro<da:thumb id="414350389"/>
Marise by Flobelebelebobele<da:thumb id="414388444"/> The Blood Trail by RussianBlues Pearl and love, are always at the bottom of sea by Bojan1558
Desperate by coby01<da:thumb id="414750372"/><da:thumb id="414357512"/> Save Me From the Dark by Miss-deviantE
Burning Memories by jangiyodha Two Steps From Hell by Teddy-Cube<da:thumb id="413721233"/> AT: Mr. China by MoonstalkerWerewolf
Orion VI by KRYPT06 Claimed ~ Soul Marks Series by ThePix<da:thumb id="414057813"/> Desolate by FenneArts
<da:thumb id="414944888"/><da:thumb id="414982796"/> Digital Art Texture 49 by mercurycode<da:thumb id="414760838"/>
Thank you for using my textures! I'm happy to see so many cool works every day, can't wait to see some more :)

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Thank you so much for the feature,dear Sirius!And for offering your fantastic textures!Merry Christmas!:thanks::blowkiss: