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1. What are your rules for using your textures?

No rules for any creative usage, non-commercial or commercial, use them however/wherever you want. This doesn't include using/uploading/selling my textures as they are or claiming ownership, I still made them. 
You dont have to credit, but if you want just put a link to this account or use my name Sascha Duensing.

2. Where can I find you online?

My Social Media and Microstock Accounts are listed here:
A selection of my "out of cam"-textures that i use to create these textures are on this account: ooc-sdz
my art stuff is here Darkzero-sdz

3. Do you accept commissions?


4. I want to donate / support you, how?

Feel free to grab any of my Premium Packs on Deviantart or my whole account on Gumroad , thanks for your support!

5. How do you make your textures?

It depends on my mood, but basically i take photos (walls, skyshots, bokeh, scratches) and mix them in photoshop.
You can see some progress here…

6. What's your setup?

Canon 6dMK2 + 50mm f 1.4 (wonderful brightness, colors, low light) + 100m macro f 2.8 (the small details, wonderful bokeh)

7. How do you use textures?

Mainly as layers or a background in programs, that can handle images and layers. you can enhance your photos, drawings, manipulations or 3d models with textures in many interesting ways. here is a tutorial for using them as layers…
and here is a wonderful example of how they look used…
another great journal about how to 1) create your own textures and 2) use them:
Tutorial Feature - TexturizingTextures are neat way to add extra punch on your artworks. They're fun to create yourself or you can use endless resources various artists here in dA are providing. If you're using textures made by other artists, always remember to read and follow their stock rules and credit your source!
This feature consists of two different parts: At first I am introducing tutorials teaching how to create textures yourself; both traditional and digital methods. In the second part of this journal I am featuring tutorials advising how to use textures in your artworks. The tutorials are mainly using Photoshop to create and edit pictures but there are similar tools in most of the photoediting programs.
Creating Your Own Textures
Traditional Textures
a) b) c)
a) If you want to learn how to create your own textures in traditional way, this tutorial gives you all the advices you need. Just follow the instructions, scan the results of your experiments and vo

8. Some other cool texture accounts from other artists? 

I adore her textures mercurycode
or check these out… :D
besides them, your first stop for unmanipulated textures could be for paper… for abstract textures kuschelirmel-stock.deviantart.……
Quality Textures - FeatureThere are still usable high resolution Textures, where artists made the effort to get the resources themself.

Palmera by DavxakRock
Clouds Collab Part 2 with albrecht995 by MultiartisMore blue by DivsM-stock
Ur texture also by DivsM-stockTexture-047 by mishkenzieLandscape background maybe. UR by DivsM-stock
Water58 by stockicide136 by Infrablack-stock134 by Infrablack-stock
Texture-016 by TehAngelsCryTextCha59 by jojo22
Feature: Quality Textures IICheers to every artist who goes the extra mile to get, create and offer their own unique textures in a generous resolution.
Enjoy! :heart:

Marmorierung 3 free texture by Xenarischemical wedding pt 2 by synestheseaNecronomicon CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Digital Texture Artwork 356 by mercurycodepeacock glass shattered by synesthesea
Digital Texture Artwork 351 by mercurycodeTexture Venice by Lumina-Obscura
Texture 01 by BenjaminHaley

i will update this every now and then. thank you for your support :heart:
© 2013 - 2021 Sirius-sdz
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mzclark's avatar
Hope all is well dear. Quick question. This texture shows its 5184x3456. For premium texture of full resolution for 30 points, are they bigger than this one by a substantial amount?:…

Sorry for the odd question. I had hoped to print on an item using a few textures, but so far they are too small. It says the smallest pixels i can use is 8570x11250. the max is 13500x11462
Sirius-sdz's avatar
all of my textures are 5184x3456 in full res. the 30 point premium ones are available on this resolution after purchase, before on a small resolution. 
mzclark's avatar
Okay Thank you. i will have to make my own then. i'll check tutorials. Ty for responding so quickly.
Sirius-sdz's avatar
you might check out dpi, because it's about that only when you want to print them too. pixel don't define print quality.
mzclark's avatar
I keep forgetting DPI!!! Ugghh FML. Your always so helpful THANK YOU!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome :)
Aneksunamun's avatar
Thanks for posting these and for adding useful stuff like links to tutorials, much appreciated!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
these tutorials are awesome, glad that you take your time for this :)
RennyRensaur's avatar
I really like that you're laidback about people using your textures. :D (and I  think people are more willing to give you credit because of it hehe). I can understand people wanting some credit though but it's still nice seeing someone like you just sharing the love :)

I remember one person didn't want people using their textures for stuff that deals with magic and fantasy...
Sirius-sdz's avatar
thank you for appreciating my "no rules"-rule :) i think people are open minded and creative of there are no strings attached.
working on a manipulation with books of rules in mind is just limiting for me, so i try to use my own photos only. i started using textures with free textures only, i was glad to credit every used texture afterwards. i want to share this experience with others too and it's really cool :)
RennyRensaur's avatar
Yeah. I think it makes people feel better -- like, I think people in general are pretty nice and are willing to give credit on their own terms. There will always be thieves, but there's still a lot of good people out there who won't abuse. And you are very welcome. :D
TraceofHatred's avatar
I don't really use Textures but wow - you have to be the most down to earth stock/texture artist on the site :'D

So many people have all these rules or don't put anything worth using until you pay, etc, etc.

But you have all this awesome content - and completely reasonable pricing on your premium content. :'D

Maybe I'll start using textures, haha - I'll watch you for now though. ;)
Sirius-sdz's avatar
heh thanks! :D
i think stock isn't worth anything if you scare everyone away with crazy rules or high price tags, not worth the money.
i mean, how do you get some feedback or trust, of you don't allow anyone to actually use these, prove that they are good? ^^ 
don't know, makes no sense to me. i'm glad that you appreciate my effort, hope that you're having fun with my textures some day. 
mzclark's avatar
Hello dear!! Hope all is well. i am still working on my fashion collection. i see you have special texture packs. That is awesome. Do you know anything about printing? I am hoping to use your textures on fabric. I'm pretty sure i'll need a large res version of your texture but i have not been able the exact information on how large the image has to be to print properly. Any ideas?
Sirius-sdz's avatar
nope, haven't spent thoughts about this :/
mzclark's avatar
no problem! i'll keep searching. Waiting on one printer to reply back :D
KovaWolfe's avatar
Hello, just to check, would it be ok if I used one of your textured for a background to my tumblr page?
KovaWolfe's avatar
Thank you! I'll give you credit :3
vLine-Designs's avatar
You are so cool,man! Providing us with free stock textures is awesome! :))) I love using them for my works ^^. Keep up the great work! :)
Sirius-sdz's avatar
vLine-Designs's avatar
KarinClaessonArt's avatar
..what about commercial....can I use you stocks to that? Thank you!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
sure, for anything :)
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