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Cheers to every artist who goes the extra mile to get, create and offer their own unique textures in a generous resolution.

Enjoy! :heart:

149 by Infrablack-stockCalled By All Things Gone by Seyklorenophelia by synesthesea
Free Texture Pack I by Infrablack-stockwarriors of yore by synesthesea
Vintage Paper Texture (freebie) by boldfrontiersTexture Stock 210 by KihOskh714
Q210 by jojo22color confusion 004 by AStoKo145 by Infrablack-stock
Marmorierung 3 free texture by Xenarischemical wedding pt 2 by synestheseaNecronomicon CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Digital Texture Artwork 356 by mercurycodepeacock glass shattered by synesthesea
Digital Texture Artwork 351 by mercurycodeTexture Venice by Lumina-Obscura
Texture 01 by BenjaminHaleyTexture 1 by IdunaHayaPhotography
Edge ur by DivsM-stockTexture 3 by CathleenTarawhitiFree Texture 21 by SprenklePhotography
Free Texture 33 by SprenklePhotographytexture: marble by MehreenFreedMagenticism - for texture contest by Seykloren
Cold November Texture. by galaxiesanddustTexture 32 by KallariaTexture 24 by SprenklePhotography

If you're looking for more awesome textures, check out my first feature of quality textures  Quality Textures - FeatureThere are still usable high resolution Textures, where artists made the effort to get the resources themself.

Palmera by DavxakRock
Clouds Collab Part 2 with albrecht995 by MultiartisMore blue by DivsM-stock
Ur texture also by DivsM-stockTexture-047 by mishkenzieLandscape background maybe. UR by DivsM-stock
Water58 by stockicide136 by Infrablack-stock134 by Infrablack-stock
Texture-016 by TehAngelsCryTextCha59 by jojo22

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Dani-Owergoor's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!! :blowkiss: 
Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome :hug:
Seykloren's avatar
Thank you very much for including me :)
Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome!
IdunaHayaPhotography's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :hug: And for sharing so many amazing textures :D
Sirius-sdz's avatar
You're welcome, thank you for providing :)
jojo22's avatar
Great textures, thanks for including one of mine :hug:
Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome :hug:
Kallaria's avatar

Thanks so much for the feature, dear ! :heart:

Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome :heart:
Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome, really love your textures :)
KihOskh714's avatar

Thank you so much for the feature!

Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome!
CathleenTarawhiti's avatar
Hi, thanks for the feature :)

Texture 3 by CathleenTarawhiti
Sirius-sdz's avatar
you're welcome :)
partiallyHere's avatar
thanks for introducing us to the textures. i wanted to ask if a simple photo of a wall is considered a "quality texture" i mean a good photo of an interesting wall, then i read your tutorials and well, maybe i'll try to do something more elaborate some time.
Sirius-sdz's avatar
for me anything that sparks the imagination is interesting. A simple wall can be evocative just like a strange cloud formation. It doesn't have to be complicated or difficult, especially not with abstract art and specifically textures aka walls, surfaces etc. 

Post processing in photoshop isn't something that was associated with good textures. People asked me how I do these, thats why I have some step by step tutorials for my workflow. I started this way around 12 years ago because my drawings lacked depth, structure, backgrounds and colors. It evolved into my account here, became addicting.
partiallyHere's avatar
i agree, and sometimes a simple wall is good enough as an image too.
but your approach is great, more interactive than a simple photo.
i enjoy using photoshop and exploring it a lot. it just never occurred to me to make textures. thanks for the inspiration! :aww:
Sirius-sdz's avatar
Yes, that's the reason :) It's fun to see what happens, to combine these simple photos into something very different. You're welcome :)
Xenaris's avatar
www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbNlMt… Sorry, couldn't resist the pun. Thanks for including me!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
:D I'm always rooting on dA for every artist, that still puts up with the crap that's flooded here already. *Takes Xenaris for a walk*
Xenaris's avatar
Oh cool, then we can get strange looks together because we're crouching somewhere, trying to get the best angle of some pole with rust on it! :D
Sirius-sdz's avatar
I always have some texture examples ready as soon as people see me and are about to call the cops :3
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