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Deviantart went downhill and I commented on that for some years. The current state is really funny though.
The frontpage features titty pictures as textures, I'm getting sick from scrolling for good art. I doubt, that moderation can do anything about it, something is REALLY off here.

For those who know me for a while, what is the alternative, where did you go with your works?
Instagram, artstation, patreon, Facebook, creativemarket?

Coming to Creativemarket, I am there. It's really nice to see how GraphicAssets , notorious for stealing works from real artists, already uploads my works from Creativemarket at Deviantart.

Update: he took these down, that I showed you here, he still has 12 more packs from me in his own gallery.
I recommend you check his account and make sure, that he didn't rip you off too. 8000 stolen works in 2 years is a lot to go through.

I will upload, what I still have, but seeing these bots, that offer no own artwork and link to their shops milling this site, I don't want to be a part of this sinking ship any longer.

Update 2: After asking him to take down my remaining works from his gallery he deactivated his account.
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If you don't mind.

  • Listening to: Destrage
  • Reading: Jed McKenna
  • Playing: Octopath Traveler
  • Eating: meat
  • Drinking: water
Some of you noticed it already, prices are way down.

My Complete Texture Collection is 50% off at 19$ right now.
The prices of my other Premium Packs are 70-90% down too, combined value of ~35$ instead of 140$ for a while.
At least until it's getting warmer out there (~May).

I bought my first full frame (6DM2) and I'm eager to spend some time outside with it.
Can't wait to use it, but it's freezing cold outside here in Berlin and I'm working full time anyways.
This year I want to take some days off for Texture hunts, I miss it.

I thank all of you who support me.
I hope, that I can improve the quality of my upcoming works, whenever I get the chance to create more.
The new frame takes time getting used to, but it's refreshing.

Take care, my dudes <:


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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
  9 years, quite long.

2. What does your username mean?
  Darkzero was taken, Sirius too, so it's "Sirius-sdz". Sdz = Sadune-Dark-Zero, a play with my real name. Sirius has a nice ring to it <:

3. Describe yourself in three words.
  chaotic, independent, dreamer

4. Are you left or right handed?
  I'm left handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
  "Chains of a dream", a surreal drawing that i did 2004
   Chains of a dream by Sirius-sdz

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
  Right now it's abstract art. It's fast, it's raw, it can be very spontaneous or planned over a long time, it's perfect for my recent lifestyle.
  I want to get back to surreal art and drawings though, when the time is right.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
  Good question, i think it would be impressionism.

8. What was your first favourite?
  This one :D I'm not into furries or anything related, but i had a good connection with this artist.
preview - Fear by Crosssoul

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
  Surrealistic art, love it.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
  It has to be shimoda7. His work is beyond fantastic.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
  Meeting Ascending-Storm would be really awesome :)

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
  She's sitting right next to me. My girlfriend mercurycode featured me, we got in contact, met and fell in love big time. I'm more than thankful. :heart:

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
  My Eos 550D, a good lense (macro, low light) and photoshop cs4 on my notebook.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
  1. preferably abandoned places for photos, 2. my home in Berlin.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
  Besides meeting mercurycode it's the support that i get here. I don't know if i would be doing what i do without it.
This one goes out to all of you awesome people who use my textures in your works - thank you so much! 
I'm not able to feature you all, but here are some new ones, enjoy:

Just the way you are by TehAngelsCry Wild Growings - Pong 823 by batjorgeTears of the Dragon by marcosnogueiracb
Soul on fire by MirellaSantana The Nester by AbaddonArt Dragon Age Origins: Duncan by olivegbg The Queen by tamaraR
Forest Rest by kimsol Blind Glow by vampirekingdomBlind Crows by NesoKaiyoH
Wolf in sheep's clothing by tamaraR<da:thumb id="484703614"/> Girl With Flower Tatoo by Madink-art
<da:thumb id="483499673"/>Chrysalis by PlacidAnemia To Bed by kallielef The Saints And The Dead by Corvinerium
LISA by Londei Ascending Dream by FrancescaPolitiWhite Swan by yudha007
queen of eternal damnation by TegoriA Lone Swan by ElyneNoirBlackpool Bokeh Ballroom (freebie) by boldfrontiers
<da:thumb id="488805021"/><da:thumb id="488618989"/>Two Sins by alexnoreaga The (Elegantly) Dark by JacquelineLecocq
220 by ElyneNoirPierrot Self Portrait by VexiasPhotography Flemeth - The Witch Of The Wilds by ParadisiacPicture
The shining Path by EllysiumnMeroe by vampirekingdom<da:thumb id="491956597"/>
Vocaloid - Switch PV art - Routine Switch ON by FixelCat Lets kick it by GazzycakesGone Fishin' by RussianBlues
Second Son of the Kumo - Soramaru by toritama Spazio Profondo by CobaltOfMarchHybrid by PlacidAnemia Summer Snow by revande

Mature Content

the Martyr by MWeiss-Art
Cleopatra by VladNoxArt
i remember the time when 1000 pageviews were my ultimate goal for this account. when 1 nice comment for 1 texture was the best thing that could happen to me. and these things haven't changed, i'm a really happy guy :) i think half a million pageviews are quite a milestone for me and this wicked journey here, proof enough, that we are collectively insane on a funny level. i mean, come on. these are textures, overlays for some art..heh. didn't think that these things would take me this way honestly.

now, let's roll with a feature, thank you so much for this wonderful journey so far :heart:

wonderful things done with my textures
..divenire by LesAubes
<da:thumb id="481506692"/>Yvaine by Kallaria Let Me In by shadeley
The Forgotten by alexnoreaga

beautiful art+ textures

some kind of rabbit by Jules31189Premium Texture Pack #09 | Fall Squares by mercurycodeDigital Art Texture 210 by mercurycodeTexture 145 by cloaks
95 by Infrablack-stockAcrylic Sunset Clouds by boldfrontiersAutumn approaches slowly. by OliviaMichalski
Seaweed by C-91A Moment by kallielef
60618 by kubickiSan Francisco Sunrise V by boldfrontiers
Rock by funkymonkey0426Dragon Scales by DanielHeydecke
Diffluence by merkero
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this is really crazy, more people than living in a small town where i spent most of my time the last couple of years.
i don't know, how many active watchers i have, but i'm honored anyway.
so, here's a feature, thank you for staying awesome and supporting my work! :heart:

Premium Texture Pack #05 | Rust by mercurycodeID 06 14 by mercurycode63 by Infrablack-stock

Make Art No War Premium Stock by CD-STOCK Greed by merkero
Welly 7 by jojo22Mai Texture by CD-STOCKWelly 1 by jojo22
The Recluse by Ascending-Storm<da:thumb id="445381265"/>San Francisco Sunrise III by boldfrontiers
54 by Infrablack-stockThe Road Less Traveled by alicexz Sour Grapes by merkero
Not with a bang but a whimper by AiniTolonen
Wind Shaper by Trichardsen Citrullus lanatus by CatosanMother of Dragons by escume
#142 by rock-the-photo#145 by rock-the-photoBroken Mirror Texture. by galaxiesanddust
Texture 139 by cloaks
2 by OctodogPhotography Montsimmard -the Rookie by olivegbgTerranigma Underworld Remake by FixelCat
<da:thumb id="446781567"/>You Have to Know Your Name by kallielef When the Universe conspires... by Ellysiumn
The Blighted and the Bold by olivegbgPassersby by xetobyte<da:thumb id="447120828"/>
I'm Hungry, You're Hungry by kallielef March of the Pigs by merkero Hazelnut by merkero
Steam Cracker by kerast<da:thumb id="443361660"/>

a short feature to get this out of my system :D prepare for some more packs ;P
  • Listening to: Nine Inch Nails

working on some stuff, inspired by my favourite NIN-Album: The Fragile, starting with "somewhat damaged"
i don't know, if it works, but i'll give it a try. just to give you a heads up, there will be many repeats in songs :P

edit: managed to get some of my feelings towards these songs into 12 textures, each for every song on "the fragile left", took 2 hours and was a good ride. hope you enjoyed the trip too :)
  • Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
sup guys, hope you're doing well!
haven't made a feature journal in some months, so let's roll with a feature :)

awesome textures from other artists

My first texture! by TapetalCookie Unrestricted Neutral grunge 3 by DivsM-stock Texture 108 by cloaks
Premium Texture Pack #02 | Warm and Cold by mercurycode<da:thumb id="407820153"/> red purple by SprenklePhotography Digital Art Texture 43 by mercurycode
Texture by manilu Acrylic Structures Texture. by galaxiesanddust 17 by Infrablack-stock

wonderful works done with my textures

The Witch and the Shadow Horse by Andaelentari<da:thumb id="441808371"/> Voodoo Child Doll II Version 1 by Hevein Fifteen Stories by kimsol
The Agony Of Defeat by astrangeallure Bullying by annewipf Serenity by PhoenixalThor
sensitivity by Ann-S-K The touch of Time by MariaBilinski The knight by olivegbg Bisbigliando by AlessiaPelonzi
You Reminded Me of Me by kallielef Doomfaring by Fyrrea

great stuff

344 by MozolewskiMichal something_gold_can_stay by moscaliovam<da:thumb id="442891007"/>
Moss by merkero
Baron Nebula by Casperium Off-by-one Error by merkeroTunnel of Redemption by boldfrontiers
poppy red and rubin part 2 by zerrschmetterling Flying between dragons by Ellysiumn Sam's Celestial Universe (freebie) by boldfrontiers Fixel-kun recharging by FixelCat

hope to make another feature soon to get all of you in there that i missed this time!
some updates: finally i'm up to speed with my "out of camera"-texture account ooc-sdz , so you can take a look at
some recent photos including some good bokehs too. there will be some more updates, including some more shots, i hope that you like them.

i'm working full time for 3 months now and it consumes my time, it's a pain. kinda difficult to still keep up with this account, so don't get me wrong if
i get back to your comments later. I'm really thankful for your support, my dream basically came true with my art as there are so many people who hopefully enjoy what i do.

hope you're having a nice sunday, stay awesome :heart:
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cloaks is holding an awesome Valentine's Day Contest from 17th january (yesterday) until Feb 14th

Valentine's Day Contest! + Kiriban:house: my little life

KETO! I've recently made a lifestyle change. I'm one of those people who reddit too frequently. I stumbled upon /r/keto one day and I've been hooked since. I'm eleven days in and eight pounds lost so far. I'm hoping to lose a total of 30 pounds so I can fit into my old clothes! (yay). Unfortunately the last year has been a bit of a roller-coaster and I've gained a lot of weight :( But as I said, this is a lifestyle change for me, not a simple diet or fad that will fade. Something to help me stay healthy and give me more energy! Have any of you made any lifestyle changes recently? I'd love to hear about them!

:star: kiriban 560,000
The first person who can catch my 560,000th page view will receive a 3 month premium subscription and their choice of any two HQ textures or HQ packages! You must take a screen cap of the page view and send it to me via note (no cropping pleas

the rules are pretty simple:
  1. One entry per person
  2. Anyone can join
  3. Any type of medium can be used
  4. Any type artwork or resource may be submitted
  5. Can submit new OR old artwork
if you want to contribute (check the prizes, it's freakin worth it), then note cloaks your submission, which will be found here…

for further details check out her journal!

some updates from me: 
I finally found a shared apartment in Berlin, which is awesome. it's pretty scary to be just a "guest" without any space for yourself, been through this for 4 months now.
Thanks to my job i'm pretty out of time these days, which sucks greatly, but it's a good job after all. So, i try to get back at everyone who messages me here, but it's difficult now. i'm incredibly lucky to have a support like this, i dreamed to have some more support for years, but this still blows my mind, so thank you!
this goes to the premium pack-buyers and the donors too, you helped me out in a critical time, i won't forget that :)

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Texture Treats

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 28, 2013, 9:04 AM
some texture treats for you, hope you like them!

Digital Art Texture 62 by mercurycodeDigital Art Texture 63 by mercurycode
Digital Art Texture 61 - Merry Christmas! by mercurycodeMetal shovel Texture III by mercurycode
Contrasting Colors Texture. by galaxiesanddustPaper 07 by Black-B-o-xWitch Ways by PaulineMoss
Earthly Texture by PaulineMossSunlight on Water Texture. by galaxiesanddustThrough the Glass. by galaxiesanddust
The Moon In Scorpio by CD-STOCK<da:thumb id="405886600"/> Veins of rust by mercurycodeFront of a train buffer by mercurycode