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texture 23

download, if you like, no rules.
rough this time, was fun to create ^^
Image details
Image size
2272x1704px 5.94 MB
Canon PowerShot A430
Shutter Speed
1/251 second
Focal Length
5 mm
Date Taken
May 22, 2008, 8:03:43 PM
© 2008 - 2021 Sirius-sdz
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used this texture here: [link]

mahalo, Mak
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I use this gorgeous texture for this: [link]

(the explanations you gave to Nicholi2032 to create such textures are very instructive and helpful :))
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thank you :) but that was 2008, now i reduced it to some steps that make more sense to me. the most influental part now is taking _good_ photos for this and much of them. The manipulation is mostly like i wrote to him, but not that important.from texture 45 on (at this time) i started to use the erase-tool, the rubber in cs3/4 a lot, in combination with a selfmade brush, thats smooth. helped a lot :)

btw i like the result. bloody ^^ thank you for using this one.
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yo yo just wanted to let you know that i used this awesome stock here ->[link] twas fun
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Hi I used this stock here:
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looks great, thank you for using this ^^
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i used this one. it looks great. ill give you credit.
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you should have a look at the work maan.
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i have :) the rust looks just great on the car...the texture really fits ^^
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well you did a really good job on that texture. ive been browsing the textures and most of them are just shit. but yours was good man. let me know if you make any more. in fact how exactly do you go about making a texture?
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thank you ^^ i think, that i upload too much of these, i need to focus more on pencil stuff again ^^
but i also think, that most of the textures here are crap, then you got the journals full of rules...i dont like that.
when i began to play with my photos, drawings, paintings in paintshop and so on, textures just were great for this.
So i began to get my ass out, snap walls, waterscapes, reflections in cars, surfaces on stones, skyshots, everything, that would be a good background.
At the beginning i just put layer on layer and played with the options in doing that, but the process evolves.
Making textures is like drawing something, that satisfies me, at the end i have a result, that creates a special mood. I hope, that you see something of this, too ^^
Some steps, i mostly do: take a good shot of a wall, manipulate it, till the photo looks detailled enough as a background (level adjustments, contrast, brightness,...), than i lay the next photo (for example a skyshot) over it as a new layer and get with the level adjustments, gauß, maybe inverted colors, taking back the most saturation and so on a fitting new layer, that creates a room in the first photo. At the end i love to put the color of the whole thing on something like orange, or red, blue and so on. Mostly i stop, when it doesn't look like any photo, i used on this, but something new.

I think, the difference between some of my textures and the most out here is just, that it's art for me, that i treat like any other one, i'm obsessed with. ^^
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well you do good work. and youre absolutely right. most of the textures here are crap. i can hardly use most of them.
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in working with my textures and the one of others i cant compare to other people, i dont know, if some of my textures are harder to work with.
When i create one, i have this usability in mind, but sometimes this goes off, because of the result :D for example with the texture 16, 17, 18. lets see, in which direction this all evolves ^^
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