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3456x5184px 10.28 MB
Canon EOS 550D
Shutter Speed
1/4096 second
Focal Length
50 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 4, 2012, 12:52:13 PM
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Linked here thank you my dear Sacha for this awesome texture :heart: The cage bw by stellartcorsica
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Thanks a lot! Used in here Link Hug :) (Smile) 
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Your art is like looking at a Rorschach test.  You see so many things at the first look, and as your eyes wander about the image your imagination takes hold.  I see someone letting lose their emotions.  A scream coming from a deep dark place.  You're amazing.  I always look forward to your work.  You keep me on my toes in eager anticipation. 
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i love it when art isn't "done" and complete but "ready" and open for the imagination. 
the most important part in my works happens in the minds of the beholder i think. 
when i combine photos i like this point in my workflow, where it just inspires me for a lot of different ideas and emotions, i usally stop right there.
my manipulations and photos are on this account :icondarkzero-sdz: and the photos that i take for my textures are here :iconooc-sdz:
hope you like the other things too :)
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I agree.  Art isn't what is seen it is what it makes you think or feel in that moment.  I love realism, but then as you travel through time from France to now; it's just amazing.  The growth and regression.  I love it when an artist leaves it up to the viewer.  That's why I hated metal smithing at UNT.  It left me feeling like, okay, lets just get this over and do what he says.  I love what I do now.  I know it's not perfect, but who cares.  If people dig it then my job is done, and if they hate it....too bad.  That's why I enjoy art so much from cave paintings, futurism, constructivism, art nouveau and so much more.   I also am watching those accounts; I hope that's okay. 
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of course it's okay :) i like "open" art, art that leaves place for me, my feelings, my thoughts and won't tell me what's right or wrong. 
milestones of other people that just inspire me. i'm not very intelligent when it comes to art, i just love to "do". i somehow need to, i'd go insane if i wouldn't. 
it's crazy to have people, who enjoy this "poop" that i needed to get out of my system :D this is what feels odd to me, it's just something very personal.
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I disagree when it comes to your "intelligence" in art.  You have an eye that many don't, and you aren't afraid to expose yourself  here on DA.  That can be a task from  hell.  I've been told to "stop, and put all of my items in scrap" so now I just do what I want; no matter what others think.  I am finding my voice again, it might be fuzzy or odd, but as they say...fuck em'.  Sorry, if foul language offends you, but that's my renewed attitude.  I support those who might not be Alphonse Mucha, Klee, or Egon Schiele but they are here, and I love the differences.  I go with what moves me:  color, line, contrast and openness about what they create.  So keep being personal, and get the odd out there.     
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screw those people who tell you what you should do with your art. 
it's your thing.
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Thank you for the encouragement.  :) (Smile) Hug 
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I love this very much.
This is a great ident1fication piece because there is a profile, a characteristic photographer's silhouette with a camera and, last but not least, number one.
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thanks :) was fun to make it. took a selfie in a dirty window with various depth of field-shots, added some cloud textures, that's it. 
it's somewhat the direction of what i'd like to do later with my art.
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Mmm, dirty windows are really great.
And if the glass is slightly uneven it can create a lens effect.
(a rocket flying to the sky is also quite visible there)
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the glass was not uneven, but the focus point, between my reflection and the glass itself, not much more added.
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(I have noticed that normally a glass window (if it's not plastic, of course) is almost always slightly uneven, and I like it)
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curved glass is always pretty cool to use. either the reflection or just looking right through it. 
many of your works remind me of this, really a pleasure to get some impressions of this.
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I have a glass that can be descrived as wavy - it's quite even and is used as a table cover but its inner structure is wavy and it gives really interesting reflections.
I think I should learn its technical characteristics to credit it in my works.
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there's a church here in berlin with many, many colored, broken glass parts. i love to use them as much as i can or see them fit. which is kind of difficult :D
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featured again here:…

hope you like it... :heart:
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Hello sweet heart your amazing texture used here… many thanks :tighthug:
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Thank you for this lovely image. I used it here . Thanks again... :)
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Похожа на мальчика, который забился в угол и закрыл лицо руками.
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