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Texture Pack 24: The Downward Spiral

By Sirius-sdz
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14 free textures, click "download" to get them.
have fun, no rules for creative usage :heart:

This is inspired by one of my favourite albums "The Downward Spiral" from Nine Inch Nails . i'm a huge fan of them, so that's why i made it. I also love the cover artist for this and their last album "hesitation marks", Russel Mills.

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This is great. Thanks so much for making these.

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you're welcome :)

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Used here...

Sadness of an Angel

Thank you!!!

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thank u a lot, this make my day more happy lol
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Hapy to hear :) Have a good day then 
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Very Beautiful. Nice work! :D
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I'm gonna take a few of these for a remix / remaster of Rusty Nails I that I'm doing okay thanks bye
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oo boi gonna use these a ton. Especially the march of the pigs one, not like my username totally gives that away xD
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haha :D this album just needed some kind of tribute, hearing it way too much and drawing inspiration from it.
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I would love to see you do textures based on my favorite singer's albums!
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glad that you like these works. It's impressive, what music can "do" for you. I usually don't limit my works to any idea, but I had to thank this band in this way.
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It really is. In my faith (you can see it from my avatar), we believe that music is so powerful because it existed before Earth in that the angels used it to praise God and the ability to use it was given to man. There's a quote that says "Music is the only gift of Heaven given to Earth that can also be a gift of Earth given back to Heaven." :)
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a wonderful quote :) According to these old scripts the "word" came way before the earth. I think, that rhythm, sound, Logos is creation, in a state before manifestation. Art isn't meaningless in this sense. You can condense creation with a simple stroke, evoke "worlds" with gradients, colors, shapes. I'm very happy to express myself "mindlessly" with basic abstract, small pieces and see reactions to it. Thank you :)
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You're welcome! :)
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I made a collage out of these for my background, and oh my it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!
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very happy to hear that :)
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amazing job.they really suit the songs
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thanks, glad to hear that. 
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