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Texture 748

By Sirius-sdz
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I still don't have new photos. Restricted to my old unused shots for now.
But creating this felt really good.
Have fun, no rules for creative usage.

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Hi, you are my best lovely artist.

Keep going, that I can use it forever, haha~^^

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I try, thank you for your support :heart:
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Hi. Used here :  BGtexture2 by AmateurArtistArts  

BTW, wonderful design. 
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Damn I love your textures! This is so beautiful and interesting!
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hello artist :D! i love your work, i love it so much i want to use it for my work, can i use it?
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This is so so pretty, baffles me how creative you are everytime I see one of these textures! They are works of art by themselves! 
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thank you very much :)
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You're my inspiration when it comes to texture art! Keep it up. It's inspired to get me back into it, so will give texture art a go in the future ^_^
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thank you for letting me know :)
I hope, that I will find some time and energy to get some new shots.
Itching to create new stuff.
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For sure, look forward to more of your works. I seriously love every single one that you upload. They're all a work of art. Your bokeh's inspired me to make this:…
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pretty cool, thanks for showing me :)
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I think you really need a good website where we could buy texture packs. They've been awesome and having them on one site would be a bit easier to find them and see what's been bought etc. 

Looking forward to new packs!
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Hi, glad that you like my work!
You will find several other sites, where you can buy my textures too.
A good platform for that is creativemarket .
You will find most of my work still on Deviantart, simply because this site supported me the most.
There will be new stuff as soon as it isn't freezing cold outside anymore :)
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Cool. Will check it out. And looking forward to new ones. 

Good luck!
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Fabulous!  Gotta love that vibrancy. 
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Wow! This is incredible, one of my favorites! Just love black/red :thumbsup:
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absolutely beautiful!!!
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