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Texture 699

no rules for usage.

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Used your stock here:
5 de Maio... by DarkressaMortiis
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I love this one. One of these days, one of my designs is going to match it. I'm dying to use it.
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Thank you, Kristen! I'd love to see something like that from your designs too :)
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:wave: thank you so much!  Unknown feelings by StarsColdNight  :love:
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Thank you!! I used it here <3
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I used this here:… I hope you like it!
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Hello, i plan on using your texture to create a multitude of game models for the game Counter Strike. I will first thank you for allowing the public to use your artwork. Secondly I would like to inform you that if my game model makes it into the game that I would be making some sort of monetary gain (the amount is unkown), and you would be entitled to a percentage of it. I am just contacting you to confirm that you are ok with this, and that you do or do not want any part of it. 

Here is a render of the model:
(if the image is dim, click on it to enlarge it.)
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I'm okay with that :) Thank you for showing me.
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So your ok with me useing this texture and you will not be recieving an part of the monitary gain, correct?

(sorry for asking so many questions but the image is copyrighted so i need explict permission to use it for monitary gain.)
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go ahead, make bucks :D You didn't exactly resell my works, so I'm fine with commecial use.
You could leave credits to my account so they see where you got this from. 
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Thanks, your art is perfect for the kind of work I do, so dont be suprised if I come back asking for more :). Ill be sure to leave credit if possible and I will also keep you up to date on the project, still got lots of work to do. 
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used here : thank you ! :D
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thanks a lot for the texture :D !
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you're welcome :)
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Your textures are amazing :) Do you start with photos and manipulate from there?
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thanks :) photos make them really organic, so thats most of my work. 
here are 2 tut's that explain my approach

Texture 222 - Step by Step by Sirius-sdz Texture 638 Step by Step by Sirius-sdz
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Very interesting. Thank you :)
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you're welcome :)
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