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have fun, no rules.

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2 textures used, thank i do
ringmaster by CrumblingLand
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Used this great stock here:… I hope you like it! :hug:
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i do, thank you for showing me :)
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ill let you know if i used it
thanks ^_^
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Used it here. Thanks!!
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and what is mean by +10 versions (premium)? are they free?
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all of my textures are free. but there is sometimes additional content, like more versions of them for some points.
so it's stuff for those, that want more. you don't have to buy anything to use my works.
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Aww.thank you very much for such easy rules..but i still credit you back with link! I love your textures!
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sadly deviantart doesn't show me who exactly bought what from me, but i assume you did buy some things. so i thank you as well for your support! 
happy that you like to use my stuff :)
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Like what? what you mean by "sadly deviantart doesn't show me who exactly bought what from me"
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i get notifications, when something is sold, but i have no clue, who bought it. saddens me a bit, because i want to thank these people.
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Well i ve an should say in description that if anyone wanna buy it..they should send you a note...I actually sold some of my prints..and they do give me date and type..but dont mention who did..but i know who did..coz she asked me for prints...
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would be cool, if deviantart would drop this "we don't tell you who supported you"-thing. 

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This one is nice, it makes me think of a forest set on fire in front of fields viewed from the sky like in a plane.
Not trying to say that forests fires are good but that is what it makes me think.
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it's pretty interesting, what people see in this one, thank you :)
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Well I live in farm land central.... Ohio, and my dad has a plain so I've seen fiends from up high a lot and that's what I saw.
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