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Premium Texture Pack XXV

15 huge abstract textures for 150 :points:
resolution: 5184x3456 each.

I hope that you like them.
no rules for creative usage.

This pack is included in my Complete Texture Collection on Gumroad:

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© 2015 - 2022 Sirius-sdz
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Totally grabbing this one! 2nd to last one might just be my fave of yours of all time. So good!
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thank you for your support! This one came out naturally, didn't have to do or add much to have it like this. Was very happy with how strong and dark it turned out. 
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My pleasure man. Bought many and will keep buying in future. You put out a lot for free, so happy to support it too. 
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Thank you. The majority of my stuff will remain free for anyone, that wants to use these creatively for any purpose. 
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Don't be shy to get paid/compensated. You deserve it!
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My complete collection pays out significantly for me, but that's not why I started this. Doing these feels natural for me, so all I want for now is to bury my head more into these. As long as it makes me happy, that's all I want from it. 
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It's not either/or scenario dude! I hate the starving artist mentality! You got skill, you deserve to get paid. OWN it! ;) Just cuz it's natural to you, doesn't mean it's for others. I love these but couldn't make them, so they are really valuable! 
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I'm not starving, it's the other way around. The more I do, the more eyes come to my work. Some of these want _everything_ from me, that's where I offer exactly that, which pays me well. It's working this way, so I can't complain. I've seen enough who start out with paid stock, heavy rules and never see the light of the day in terms of popularity or reach. It's the other way around in my opinion. I'm fine with giving away much, when it grows in popularity. Another reason, why there will be a texture each day here for the next few weeks. As soon as I reach a certain point in payments, I will cut down my working hours in my full time job to half time. At some point I will quit, when I reached a different level with earnings. And I'm not in a hurry with that, I can see the growth. 
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Fabulous as always. I bought these for the remakes of my Fallen Angels of Sin. Stay tuned!
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Thank you very much for your support :) Sorry for the late reply, just got back from vacation.
Your Fallen Angel manip looks really cool :)
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Thank you! I've remade Lust, Envy, and Pride so far, all with your textures! :)
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You're always welcome!
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This might be a strange question, but what is the most common use for textures? Backgrounds? I really am interested in that, also what made you start creating textures.
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i started creating them for my own drawings as a Background and layer. They were useful for my photos too, then they became more and more for me and others. I think that I will go in detail on this at some point.
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Interesting. Looking forward to it! They look like macro photography, maybe even scans. Did you know techniques for making textures or did you just go by what you thought is the best approach?
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you can see my approach of creating 2 textures here Texture 222 - Step by Step by Sirius-sdz Texture 638 Step by Step by Sirius-sdz
Taking good shots is the most important part, photoshop not so much.
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Nice! I already suspected a method like this. Just less detailed. Thanks for providing those. :iconbro-fist:
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you're welcome :)
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There are so many uses for textures. You can use them mainly as layers or a background in image processing programs, but they are fun as a wallpaper as well. You could enhance your photos, blogs, websites, CD-Covers, Book Covers with these textures in many ways. And you won't find any other artist with textures like these, it's just my approach on creating them, that I developed for ~10 years now.
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Wow, that's a long time. I've seen textures that were similar, but none of them was that big and few looked as passionately made as those here, admittedly. Do you have favorites, like, a top ten or top 15 of images that have been enchanced with your textures? Would be interesting to see.
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I made some features with very good works. I can't name 15 out of ~13.000 works with my textures, but you will find some very good works in these features.
Texturized FeatureIt's really stunning, what you're making with my textures.
This is a selection from 2 months, all done with my textures. Some works are already DD's.
Hope you enjoy them and pick some favourites as well!
Narval by UselessHopelessErleuchtung by RazielMB
Ruin by PhoenixalThorHail to the King by TheDreamBelow
Instinct by WMillSweet dreams by XelistrollThe Fall Of Olympus by TheDreamBelowThe Mirror by magicsartFire Starter by melanneart
Carolina by nmarr910P A T I E N C E by naradjou14Prometheus by ManinkEven This Beer Doesn't Taste Good by RussianBlues
 Dove by CindysArtDigital art texture 27 by mercurycodeCielo by Raj-chourasiyaAnything for you by jangiyodha
Angel of retribution by VictorAdameArt
Texturized Feature IIyou are pretty stunning, all of you. to give something back, i like to feature
your works that involved my textures. this is a selection of 1 month, you were pretty active!
so i guess the next "texturized feature" will be there pretty soon.
thank you for using my stuff, crazy folks! :heart:

Khaleesi by sara-helIt's time to go home by ElyneNoir
Play with me.. by megan7Consumed concept cover 1 by DJMadameNoirDaughters of Darkness by dangerous-glow
Raven queen by sara-helhalf judged by tallouhThrough the Darkness by TheDreamBelowMy heart is yours by carlosmaximus
A S H E S by MirellaSantanaOne more day without you by jangiyodhaIRoN MAiD by kimsolTanz der Tranen by Hevein
Blue Sky Thinking by FurorArtWhen Humanity Is Cancer by FurorArtode to wings by tallouhSophia by FurorArt
Texturized Feature IIIThis is a selection of what you did (using my textures) in 1 week.
There are far more entries than that. If i missed you, you may be in the next feature.
Now let's take a look at these works!

Pearl and love, are always at the bottom of sea by Bojan1558
Desperate by coby01Backgound by ClaudiaCWRose-Cross by carlosmaximusSave Me From the Dark by Miss-deviantE
Burning Memories by jangiyodhaTwo Steps From Hell by Teddy-CubeSmokin' gun by J-u-d-a-sAT: Mr. China by MoonstalkerWerewolf
Blue, Blue, Electric Blue by AndaelentariSew-Leigh by mippieArtDanse des 7 voiles by Yaazzooo
Orion VI by KRYPT06Claimed ~ Soul Marks Series by ThePixEu sou a luz das estrelas by carlosmaximusDesolate by feainne
LOVE TAMES.. by chryssalisStars are blind by AutumnCzun
Texturized Feature IVIt's time for the next feature. thank you for using my textures. Sounds cheesy i bet, but it's still not normal for me to look at gorgeous works like these, when you notify me.
I'm pretty proud to help awesome artists like you, to contribute to these works in some ways. Here's a small selection of my favourite works from you. i can't include everything, journals don't offer that much space for thumbs. 
So, let's have a look at 3 weeks with new works from you:

Green Venom by magicsart
Skeleton Cove by tamaraRAsylum by yerilNever give up by Sweetlylou
Sean and Kitty by BaetonesWoman is a Mainstay of the Home by Bojan1558
Meridiana by Ideasplayer
Texturized Feature VThis one goes out to all of you awesome people who use my textures in your works - thank you so much! 
I'm not able to feature you all, but here are some new ones, enjoy:

Dont Let Them Out by Gwendolyn1To Bed by kallielefThe Saints And The Dead by Corvinerium
Ascending Dream by FrancescaPoliti

Eternally Yours... by J-u-d-a-s
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I've already been browsing your favorites, but I'll have a look at these features, too! Congratulations to 13000! That's really impressive.
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