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Premium Texture Pack XXIX

By Sirius-sdz
15 Textures for 150 :points:
Resolution: 5184x3456 Pixel each.

This pack is included in my Premium Texture Collection on Gumroad:

I hope that you like them.
no rules for creative usage.

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1380x1382px 1.19 MB
© 2017 - 2021 Sirius-sdz
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Used one again here:
Free Bird by Kamrusepas
Kamrusepas's avatar
Used one here:
The City Belongs To You by Kamrusepas

Thanks again :hug:
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I hate to ask such a noob question but I'm new and not very savy in trying to download things. How can I DL the beautiful textures here? Thank you in advance. I LOVE your collections!
Seaphira's avatar
Thank you so much. Your kindness is appreciated. 😊
Sirius-sdz's avatar
You're welcome, have fun :hug:
Robotwomen's avatar
Love it . . . .
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!!! *goes to add points to balance*
Sirius-sdz's avatar
1 year of unreleased material :) Thanks for your support, my friend :hug:
FixelCat's avatar
Always a pleasure, buddy! :hug: You doing alright? 
Sirius-sdz's avatar
From the angle of art there's much that I miss. From any other angle I'm doing fine, having a good life here in Berlin :) How are you?
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I'm sure you can find your way back to art whenever you feel the calling to! Everything else doesn't come so easy nor as often, so I'm very happy for you! :hug:

I'm doing great! A lot has happened for me sofar this year. Biggest changes and decisions were being offered a new job elsewhere from where I was. This new place doesn't chip away at my health and soul in the way my previous one did so I'm recovering and feeling much better now!
Artwise I've jumped off the bandwagon of wanting success and just enjoying whatever I want for myself!

Everything's falling into place much neater now and I like it :aww:

Take care and stay awesome, buddy!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
This sounds really good, I'm relieved that you got a better job and environment for you and your health :)
Regarding your attitude to art, I think the same. I need to remind myself again and again why this started and how this still works for me.
It's the joy of creating art, simple as that. That's all that's there for me and it's really enough. Everything else is a nice cherry on the top, but not what should motivate me.
I am quite thankful to still be in touch with you and others through our art, that's a wonderful thing in itself.
FixelCat's avatar
We can't be blamed for needing to remind ourselves of our reasons. Not in this 'like, favorite and subscribe' online world.

I'm happy to have gotten to know and keep in touch with great people such as yourself too! It's always a pleasure, my friend!

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