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Premium Texture Pack XXIV

15 huge abstract textures for 150 :points:
resolution: 5184x3456 each.

I hope that you like them.
no rules for usage.

This pack is included in my Complete Texture Collection on Gumroad:

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payed with points, but the download doesn't work.

need more than a day.. o_O?! wtf!?

Sirius-sdz's avatar

Tried this myself, it took me 1 second to download. I refunded it. Cheers!

ChrissyM's avatar

It#s sad, realy, but I write to DA for help.

It can not be, that the download doesn't work at me.

My internet speed is ok...everything is OK with that. I can download other things in seconds, but only this (great) pack not. That's so sad!

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so, I get my points back. thanks, but I payed again 150 Points for that pack and again, the download doesn't work!!

Zip-Download need 1 day again!

WTF?! whats wrong with that!??!

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Having this situation for the first time on Deviantart, crazy. Sorry to hear that their servers just won't offer you these files. I'm preparing a link for you in case Deviantart still can't get it to work for you.

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it doesn't work again. the status is canceled. wtf? why!? where is the link for the download?!

I will my points back, if I don't can get this pack.

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do you mind, if I send you the files? I can refund this again, no problem. In case you still want these textures, I can host them on my own server and share them with you.

ChrissyM's avatar

aahh, thank you so much!! it works. I'm so happy...yeaah, thank so muuuch :squee: :hug: :heart: :blowkiss: I will link you and this great pack back! for sure!!

Sirius-sdz's avatar

I hope, that it's working for you this way! you're welcome :heart:

ChrissyM's avatar

I got it. thanks. I flipped out. XDDD

I will used it on weekend for some works, which I hope goes online soon. hehehe. thank you again so much :hug:

Sirius-sdz's avatar

freut mich, dass es so rum geklappt hat Ich wünsch dir viel Erfolg bei deinen Arbeiten damit, vielen Dank nochmal für deinen Support :hug:

Great but can't download

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Thanks, it's not for free.

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Shall I purchase now or ask you in advance? People seem to have problems to get those textures.
Sirius-sdz's avatar
Deviantart updates killed off some of my packs, but I can fix this one today/tomorrow. I won't give these for free (the majority of my work is free already), but I will provide you the solution as soon as you purchase.
RainbowRenders's avatar
I'd like to wait until it's fixed, if that's possible.
Sirius-sdz's avatar
which will be in 3-4 hours, when I'm home. One at a time :)
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fixed it for you, download will work on this one too :)
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Was unable to download as well. May I get some help please?

Other than that,  excellent designs!
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you got a note, dA messed up some of my stuff.
orselis's avatar
Problems downloading...
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