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Complete Texture Collection

By Sirius-sdz

This is my complete Texture Collection.

It contains all of my existing (13 years) and future Textures for 29$

This collection contains:

877 Free Single Textures

~1200 Textures in Free Packs

~770 Premium Textures

4534 exclusive Unedited Textures

1579 exclusive Bokeh Photos

over 9000 Textures = 63 GB



- no rules for creative usage (commercial, noncommercial)

- credit is appreciated

- don't resell or reupload

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2955x4700px 10.94 MB
© 2017 - 2021 Sirius-sdz
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alexamorath's avatar
Omg!!! I am so happy i got to invest into this amazing packs :heart: your textures are my all time faves and 80% of my works have use them .. the big file took some time to download, but it was worth the wait. thank you so so much :heart: :heart:
Sirius-sdz's avatar
thank you so much :heart: 
Enigmasystem's avatar

Definetly going to buy this! Tbh I can't paint without using one or two of your textures :D They are so implemented into my workflow I can't imagine working without them<3<3<3

Sirius-sdz's avatar
I'm really glad to hear that. Your works are great, also without my textures. With the pack you should be well prepared as far as textures are concerned :D
Ixtaek's avatar
Just bought because I have a big project for a group and got a really cool idea using your textures! I’ll link the final product when done and be sure to credit!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
thanks for your support, please let me know if you have questions. Feel free to share the final result with me :)
Ixtaek's avatar Thank you so much. I credited you in the journal attached to this, but the textures really helped me make all those moths!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
awesome, thanks for showing me :) 
Xenaris's avatar
Ich finde es immer wieder beeindruckend, wie fleißig Du bist! :)
Sirius-sdz's avatar
danke :) Ich brauch definitiv diesen Output, sonst geht's mir nicht gut. 
Xenaris's avatar
Nichtsdestotrotz ist die schiere Menge nicht selbstverständlich. :) *In Richtung 635536 angefangener Projekte schiel*
Sirius-sdz's avatar
haha :D Ich würd fast sagen, dass diese Texturen meine vielen kleinen Ausreden dafür sind, warum ich nicht weiterzeichne. Solang's Spaß macht. 
Windmix's avatar

Amazing! They are all beautifull and so creative. I love them all!

Sirius-sdz's avatar
13 years of pushing these out :) Thank you!
piaglud's avatar
Just purchased! Excited to start using them!:happybounce: 
Sirius-sdz's avatar
Thank you so much :heart: Should be enough textures for quite some time :)
piaglud's avatar
yes love them. 
Heart   Love 
DarkDeViant19's avatar
Custom Planet 1 by DarkDeViant19
Used metal textures for planets surface/ rings
Sirius-sdz's avatar
awesome, really interesting use already :)
DarkDeViant19's avatar
Just purchased! Excited to start using them!
Sirius-sdz's avatar
awesome, thank you so much! There's tons of stuff to try out for you now :)
DasDuriel's avatar
After years of following, but not actually using any of the textures ;P, i just bought the entire collection. (An ridiculously good deal for the price tbh.) I'll hopefully put it to good use in the game my team is developing.
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