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Note: The first portion of this is not really ToT. It is what happened in another universe shortly before he arrived at Tabira. If you want to skip to the Tabira part, then go to the line of '#'.

"Ok, who is next?" Joesph was standing in the Universe Hub inside Steward Head Quarters. It is a large and spacious room with aisles of door-like portals that go to various universe and multi-verses. "This one looks new." Before him was a portal that had a sign next to it with "ToT" on it. "Well, no time like the present."
"Wait," said a voice from overhead.
"What is it, Katherine?" Katherine is AI in charge of the base.
"I have sent some test samples through that one and I have yet to hear back from any of them. It is almost like the rules on the other side are more different than usual. You may want to send a shell through instead, just in case you can't come back."
"You raise a valid point. Thank-you for the information." What full shells do I have available?

Shell-Net (The "Network" between all of the shells and the original):

Joseph (DES Origin): I need a full shell to go to the "ToT" universe for me. There is a possibility you won't be coming back. Who is available?
Joseph (Full Shell "T"): I'll go. I am on my way.
Origin: You may want to do a full memory and personality sync before you leave. I don't know if the Shell-Net works on the other side.
T: Ok. Done.
Origin: Good luck.
T: Thanks

A portal opens in a forest, and Joesph falls out of it. "Oof!" The portal closed.
Initial observations: I am a Sylveon. This must be a Pokemon universe. I don't have my unusual color scheme, so the rules are probably more strict here. He takes a step and steps on something. Paper? I don't recall going through the portal with any paper. It looks like a letter.
To: Joseph
From: Sir Intellegence
I guess he would know more about this place than I would, he thought. He opens it up and begins to read quietly aloud.

Dear Joseph:
    I would like to start off with two things. First, don't move from your current location until you know more. Second, I am sorry.
"What? Did I read that right?"
Yes, you did read that right. Of note: Witches in this universe can be male or female. I had to do a number of things to make this universe not outright reject you. One of which is to implement your Steward abilities as magic. Congrats, you are a witch. In this universe, everyone that uses magic (excluding mystics) is a witch. Magic cannot be used without negative consequences. This may be for yourself, the world, or even yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda. Yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda STOP SKIPPING OVER MY TEXT! It contains important information you will need!
No Pokemon moves are considered magic, so you are safe using those. Anyway, a visit to the Library in the capital should tell you enough about that stuff. You can also get information from others. Speaking of others, you may want to be aware of your surroundings since you are ---
Behind you.
Joesph spun around and put up a Greater Protect just in time to block a potion flying at him. That took a bit more energy than I thought it would. "Who is there? Show yourself." No response. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a bit of someone through the trees and bushes. Unbeknownst to them, he read their soul. "You must be Morgan. And that was a potion of de-evolution you threw at me in a bottle specially designed to pass through a normal protect. My protect was not normal."
"And, pray tell, how are you suddenly so knowledgeable?" said Morgon as she stepped out of her hiding place.
"I have my methods," was his reply. Good to know that still works. I probably shouldn't tell her that much. She is a crafty one.
"You have an enchantment on your eyes? That implies seeing things. Do you read people?" She is figuring things out too fast.
"Plenty of people can read others, you just need to know enough about them." He paused for a moment and flinched. "I am also taken."
"So you can read my thoughts."
"I usually don't reply to thoughts since it is rather rude, but that one looked like it needed to be addressed." As he carefully stepped out of the circle of traps he landed in, he continued, "Well, it was nice meeting you. I have learned plenty from this exchange."
"So, even though you are new here, you know where all of my traps are."
"I don't recall ever telling you that."
"What else do you know?"
"Enough to know that telling you my secrets would be a very bad idea."
"You are in my forest, you don't have a choice in the matter." She then threw another potion of sorts at him and followed it up with Flame Burst. The potion broke against his Protect and then was ignited by the Flame Burst. "Did you know that Sylveon feelers are one of the best ingredients for potions?"
This isn't going well, Joseph thought. "Isn't everything a good ingredient according to you?"
"Less talking and more burning!" Morgan said with an evil smile.


T: Origin, can you hear me?
Origin: Yes, it seems like the link does work there.
T: Well, I have gotten into a predicament and need some help. Here is the relevant information.
Origin: Hmmmm... That is quite a predicament. You are a Sylveon, correct? Can't you produce a soothing aura from your feelers to calm her down? You could also try singing to her. I sing some of the kids to bed on occasion, so you shouldn't be too rusty.
T: Thanks! I will give that a shot.
"Now, now, have you tried calming down and relaxing Morgan?" Joesph said as he teleported behind her.
"You can teleport!?!?!"
Joseph grappled her from behind with his feelers, holding her hands against her body and her mouth shut to prevent her from doing anything, and lifting her off the ground to keep her from running away. "Did you know that excess stress is bad for your body? Especially for someone of your age. You could get an aneurysm in your brain that could lead to stroke. That would produce one very nasty headache and possibly death."
Morgon continues to struggle to get free while attempting to say things through her closed mouth.
"*Sigh* I guess you do need help relaxing then. Would you like to hear a lullaby?" Morgan began to struggle even more. "I'll take that as a 'Yes'." He then began to sing a lullaby. Morgan's strugglings gradually got weaker until she fell asleep. "Let's get you to bed." He then teleported with her to her room and placed her in her bed. He even pulled her covers over her. "Sleep tight." He then left her room and shut the door behind him.
She is going to plot to get me after she wakes up, so I should take care of that now. I should probably take a look at what potions she has so I have that info as non-privileged information. He went to the room where she keeps her potions and took a mental inventory of what she has. I don't see any love potions on her shelves, but I do see that she was preparing one before. I will dispose of that then. He took the pot of ingredients, took it outside, and dumped on on the ground. Now for the next step, finding the main city and a library so I can learn of this place I have come to.
New experiences are so refreshing. Contains a reference to someone else's story located here.
© 2018 - 2021 SirIntellegence
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Without knowing too much about the story behind his story, nor the nature of the Universe Hub, might I ask that you look through the tools at your characters disposal?

At the moment they come off as, too much. Which is a shame as it seems you're setting up for quite the adventure.
SirIntellegence's avatar
Is the part your talking about where he puts Morgan to sleep and puts her in bed, or is it something else? I am not very experienced with writing things.
Zilverfoss's avatar
It isn't the writing itself, as far as unexperienced writer goes I've read far worse.
It's the abilities, information and actions available to the character ''
The first best comparison I can come up with, is a Table-top RPG, where one character has been put in God mode and is played by the Game Master.
It can be very fun to write that kind of characters, but they're not that much fun to read about, unless there's already a hefty layer of in Universe back drop to their rhyme and reason. (And they are hard to use as interesting narrators)

I hope this clarified.

What I think worked;
Turned the Shell into a Sylveon.
Shell can comunicate with the original. (this has so much potential for more fun down the line)
Unusual moveset; Teleport, Protect, sing ('lullaby')
That certain abilities from back when are converted into magical effects (With possible room for quite the back fires)
Sci-fi multiverse back-drop. (It allows your character to have a very different mind set from most.)

What didn't work;
Instantly able to know anything about anyone and anything.
Teleport accurately and instantly to places you've never been/can't see.
Instant complete control of a body, presumable somewhat different from what's been seen before.
(In my opinion)
SirIntellegence's avatar
I see. Thank-you for the feedback. Allow me to explain those parts for you. I apologize in advance if I make things too blunt since I suck at tact.
Technically speaking, he didn't learn everything about Morgan instantly even though it appeared as such to us. He learned what he knows about her in that split second because he got to live her entire life in that split second. This ability falls under cursed with awesome or blessed with suck (don't know which) due to the fact that he experiences EVERYTHING in her life and the ability is involuntary. Could you imagine what such an ability would do to an ER visit or running away from a zombie horde? The main reason he is able to keep his thoughts coherent when this happens is that he is used to it. He is also not allowed to share this "privileged" information with anyone (with some exceptions). This is the main reason he goes into her potion room so he has "un-privileged" information about it since he saw it with his own eyes. 

After living out Morgan's life in that split second, I would think he knows where her house and bedroom are. That is how he was able to teleport to that location.

He has set a preference of sorts for the universe to turn him into a Sylveon when he visits a Pokemon universe. This is not the first time he has been to one. That is how he knows how to walk as a Sylveon. I will be honest though, I didn't think of that angle before. I will try to remember that for the future.

Does that make sense to you? Is there anything else I need to clarify?
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Happy to bounce your ideas back at you.

"He got to live her entire life in that split second."
I hope you don't mind I leave this one hanging for you to mull over.

Looking forward to see what you get your Multi-verse traveller into.