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Team Title: Team Steward
Join Date: 3/17/2018

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Joseph Watcher
(see here for multi-universe info)
Species: Sylveon with a long tail like Sonya
Color scheme history: Started with the default non-shiny Sylveon colors, then changed to a Pink->red color scheme. He is currently his "tame" multi-universe color scheme which is Pink->Red and Light blue and blue -> Black.
Age (Physical): 30           Gender: Male
Age (Time spent alive): Ancient
Age (Years this full shell has been in service): 3
Cameo: Yes, please! You can use him like an NPC. Please do let me know when you do use him (via mention or something) so I can keep track of where he has been.
Pokemon Nature: Modest
Description: Joseph is a wise man (err.. fox) from a different universe. He was changed into a Sylveon upon arrival in order to comply with the rules of the destination universe. Speaking of complying with the destination universe, a select few of his Steward abilities have been re-implemented as magic while others have more or less been discarded. He has implemented a memory barrier of sorts to make it so what he knows complies with the destination universe as well. He is a patient father of very many kids. He tries to always do the right thing whenever possible and is a very cool-headed 'mon.

Ability: Pixilate
Move 1: Protect
Move 2: Hyper Beam
Move 3: Dazzling Gleam
Move 4: Telekinesis. Additionally, with this, he can feel a limited amount of the environment around him.
Additionally, he has learned the following moves:

Joseph also hears (or feels) a voice from time to time giving him some direction. It has yet to fail him. When he swiftly obeys the voice, he has a tendency to be in the right place at the right time, protecting himself or dodging from something he could not have otherwise known about, and other like things.


-Move Tool:

-Item #: 1
--Description: Symbol Of Charity


> Honeycomb Storage <


>>> Writing Area <<<
Taken from Chapter 5-2: Welcome to reality! Enjoy your stay!

After an extended amount of time, it started to get dark. "I think I am going to need to take a break," I said. I then headed back to the camp with Team Speed Star following me. Then I passed a special tent. I could easily see inside. Determining what the tent was for wasn't that hard due to what I saw inside. It looked to be a tent that the dead are put in to make room for the living, except not all of them were dead. That Pikachu, for example, could be revived with...
That doesn't pass the whitelist test. You are not allowed to do that.
OK, how about that Vulpix then they only need...
That Flareon only needs...
Fine. That Mienfoo...
Do they know CPR here?
I stood there pondering that question for an extended amount of time. As much as I wanted to say "yes", I couldn't because I didn't know. I was new here. What do they know? There were at least a dozen or more others in the pile that were not dead yet that I could save but wasn't allowed to. I am used to situations like this when the information I am not permitted to know is something I should have never known, but this was different. I was prohibited from using the knowledge I would have usually freely shared with others. These are things that EMT's are required to know in order to do their job, and I can't use them. It started to drive me crazy. What can I do? 'Mon are dying and there is nothing I can do about it! Wait, there is something. If Gilgamarsh is taken down, then people won't be injured. I noticed that someone was trying to get my attention by shaking me, but I was beyond caring at that point. I started running in the direction of the main battle. "Joseph, where are you going? Stop!" I head someone say, but I didn't pay them any heed. I need to do this, if I don't, people will continue to die.
I passed a number of slimes on the way. I didn't have time to deal with them right now. I only had one target in mind, and they were going to pay dearly. I then noticed that my way was blocked by a large number of slimes. I couldn't go around it, only through it. "You are in my way, be gone!"
Hyper Beam is out of PP.
Hmmmmm. Then I will remove them with Dazzling Gleam then.
That is also out of PP.
Also out of PP.
Right, there was a reason I was taking a rest, wasn't there? What about Protect? Good, it looks like I have enough for Protect, so I placed a Protect around me as I began running through my options. The slimes had me surrounded and were closing in. My body then reminded me that I was poisoned. It was not a pleasant reminder. I wasn't this poisoned when I left. I probably took some hits on the way here. I'm not sure how long I can keep this Protect up in this state. I have gone through literally thousands of options, but none of them were viable, possible, or passed the whitelist test. I can't be using another move like Teleport since I don't know that move here. I'm going to die, to slimes nonetheless! I was such a fool! What was I thinking? That's an easy question, I wasn't. I can see it now, "Here lies shell number T of Joseph Watcher. He died to slimes." I have only been a burden to others so far. That is unfortunate.
Wait, others. I haven't tried that strategy in eons! It is too late to worry about if someone is close enough to hear, I'm just going to have to go for it. "Help!" I cried. My lungs stung with poison as I coughed up some blood. I almost lost my Protect. That first cry should notify others that someone needs help. The slimes were closing in on me. It took way to much energy to shout, but I didn't have a choice in the matter. "Help!" I coughed up some more blood. All of the other calls are to help them find you. Why are faries so weak to poison? I lost my Protect that time and the slimes started climbing up me. I was starting to lose consciousness. I thought I heard voices of others approaching. The slimes began to engulf me. "Please hel-". I collapsed and fell into the darkness.

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