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Wizards Academy - Savesha's Estate

done in PS
I was contracted by Drop Dead Studios to produce a series of maps for their upcoming Wizard Academy adventure module for Pathfinder.
It was a number of full and half page maps of the academy, dungeons, and such as well as some lair maps.

This is Savesha's Estate. A rogue succubus and one of the teachers at the academy.

This was the first time I was hired to do all the maps for a product and I was glad to be able to bring a cohesiveness to all the maps.
All of the maps for the academy module so far can be found here -…

copyright Drop Dead Studios 2015

Other bits...
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© 2015 - 2021 SirInkman
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An orgy room is what makes a house . . . a home.

Earth-742's avatar

Nicely done!

one of my characters might steal this for their residence...

Edarneor's avatar
Orgy room for the win!! Now I know where the adventurers will be headed first thing! I hope they have no paladins in the party. They'd spoil all the fun
SirInkman's avatar
Yeah, orgy room ftw. :D
Seems to be the popular spot.
Yes, no paladins allowed. Meow :3 
sybaritic-hobo's avatar
Unless it's a paladin who's patron is a fertility god. THEIR holy days are most exhilarating. 
Alsalamek's avatar
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Thanks Alsalamek :D
Much appreciate :nod:
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This is really great art, but I have questions.

What's the point of having two dinner rooms?
Why is music room so small? Acoustics will be terrible.
Smoking room with no windows?

Also placing the bed in the centre of room with head towards the main door is kinda weird. Normally in castles it's placed at wall, with legs towards the centre of the room.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Jay. :)
Let me start by saying I was working from a sketch the client provided, with the rooms already basically laid out.
The 'house' is a victorian house, not a castle though.
Carbonian's avatar
Orgy room? Damn this Savesha is a naughty fellow :D.

BTW can I ask you how much time it takes to make detailed maps like this? It looks like hours and hours of hard work.
SirInkman's avatar
I think Savesha is a chick.... does that make it more naughty for you...? :icongrin--plz:

The outline drawing was about half a day and the color work for these maps was from a half day to a full day.
Now this particular one, as the layout was more complex and 2 floors took me about 3/4 of a day to draw and a little over a full day to color.
I work fast. It would likely take several days to a week for someone else though.
The furnishings are mostly what takes so long, as they are hand drawn and hand painted individually.
No copy/pasting, in general. I did duplicate the 6 chairs from the smoking room for use in the cocktail room.
Carbonian's avatar
That just makes me wanna play this game :P.

Well even if you are a professional in this, I'm still suprised about the speed. But this chair duplicating thing... I think I lost my faith in you.
Nahh not realy. I gonna follow you. Good thing I found your work in Realm of Fantasy group. This dungeons inspired me a lot.
DarthAsparagus's avatar
Nice map. I think every institution of higher learning should have an orgy room BTW. What I like about the map is that it is handdrawn (mostly, I assume) which gives it a more organic look than symbol-based maps which can become a bit sterile at times..
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks again Darth. :)
Yep, it is all hand drawn. For some of the straight lines [for walls] I did use the PS thing where you use 'SHIFT' while drawing to constrain the line to vertical or horizontal to get a better straight line. Otherwise everything was drawn freehand in PS.
TopplingDominoes's avatar
This is awesome!!! :)
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Chantel. :)
FredLipari's avatar
Did I mention this one looked fantastic?
Damn me, there you go.
This map looks fantastic. Seriously man, it's gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing again ;)
SirInkman's avatar
Thank you Fred. :)
This was one of the last of the lair maps that I drew and it took longer than the others.
So much furnishings and so many rooms.
The time to just lay out all the rooms and stuff took longer.
I was glad when I had this one done. ;)
FredLipari's avatar
I bet it took a while doing it! When people see such amount of details, they don't realise, imo, the time spent to do them all. But I do, which makes me even more respectful of the job.
I'm glad you're here to show us some great maps ;)
TKlol's avatar
Awesome work, J.!

Really like the style you used for this series
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Luis. :)
I will be using this style more.
TKlol's avatar
yay! Hope you get to make some hex-grid maps soon! I feel constrained in a square world! :-D
SirInkman's avatar
I need to put together a good hex grid.
I actually don't know if I have one to use as an overlay.
I've meant to do a good hex overland map.
TKlol's avatar
Yeah, I also need a good hex grid to use on locations and dungeons for my games >.>
Looking forward to seeing your overland map!
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