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Thylea Apokalypsis [Odyssey of the Dragonlords]

Last map from the series, Odyssey of the Dragonlords done for Arcanum Worlds.
This one had me make changes to the original Thylea map and add in 4 devastions.
These were from a kraken, a tarrasque, an ancient shadow dragon, and then some sort of hodge-podge creature.
They said something like a greek godzilla, but i think it came out a bit different.
I then added the apokalypse feel to other parts of the map.
More lava and volcanic activity, fire, floods, etc.

I had a good time with that. :)
And the whole series, for that matter.
This was a great project to have been a part of. Clap

The rest of the images can be found here on DA…
or over on the guild -…

I show close-ups and stuff on twitter -
though at the moment, there is a bunch of issues between my android photo app and the IG app, so I haven't been able to post lately.
IG is .... frustrating, lately.

Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed the series.
Next up will be some of the patreon made content.
I'm ramping up this year and have a lot of cool plans for patreon.
2020 is gonna be a good year. I know it. Cheers, J :)

Other bits...
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Very nice work !

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As someone who plays in Thylea, what a surprise to find the artist/cartographer on Deviant. great work.

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Thanks Red :D
It was a pleasure to work with Arcanum on this.
I had a lot of fun with the maps.
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Thank you, sir I Say! 
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I would like more hands to applause even more. A fascinating map, closing perfectly this incredible project. :TipOfTheHat: 
SirInkman's avatar
More than six? Bee Meow :3
Thank you Beee :D
MistyBeee's avatar
10 would be a must. 12 better. I tried to applause with the antennas, but it turned as a headache due to the vibrations. Wings work, but they're a pain to iron after that, so I try to avoid.
Yup. Bees' life is full of real problems, as you can see. 
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Thanks Francesca I Say! 
theNEWoath's avatar
As always Sir, A MASTERWORK!! ;)
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Thank you Borislav :)
So lovely to discover all the beasties! This is just the bees knees, truly!
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Thanks Ann :D
I find creatures challenging, but I like adding them.
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I love the monsters (and waterbuffalo and elephant)! :D
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Thanks Andy :D
Yeah, this one has some variety.
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Impressive work!

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Thanks Victor :)
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