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The Village of Fuervald

By SirInkman
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All done in PS

I was trying to find a faster way to do villages, towns and cities since they can be so time consuming and hence costly.
This sort of worked and sort of didn't. I like it but it still took longer than the desired time.
I was hoping for a one-day thing but this stretched into 2 days.

Anyway, this would be the village of Fuervald, southeast of the city of Haerlech, both in the realm of Rohrech and both of course in the world of Luma.
The naming was just fun and incidental as the original premise of this map was mainly to test a style.
But it'll stand as it is. There would be farms and such out around the village but not shown on this map.
Enjoy. All the Luma stuff is here -…

Other bits...
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hehe, public house in center, love it , can't wait to use idea
SirInkman's avatar
There are actually 5 in this little town. I am a dummy! 
watcheye456's avatar
gezz, seems like top profession, demographically
SirInkman's avatar
All the farming folk and hunters, trappers, and such from outside of town come in to grab a drink and talk about the news of the realms. :piratejig: 
watcheye456's avatar
adding benefits of a crossroad, must be busy, good for them
SchattenLotus's avatar
Amazing, once again :clap:
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks again, Schatten :)
Irolan's avatar
Nice layout. It's not really an actual village though, is it? I mean, it seems to have way more official buildings, inns and shops than actual homes.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Irolan :)
These are multi-floor buildings.
Inns likely utilize all their floors, but other buildings have residences above the non-residence first floors and basement levels.
Also, many lived in an extended stay fashion as borders at inns, some in time being called boarding houses.

People also did not have the size and space of home that people are used to today.
Many lived several to a room and had shared common rooms.
There would have been a lot less privacy in that sort of time, which is what i often model things on.
Now all I want to do is play stonghold all day XD Very nicely crafted, maybe it is more of an abbey rather than a villgae but heck it looks terrific.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks RV :D
It could be a large monastery. :nod:
Very good, very imaginative village. It reminds me a bit of some of the small hilltop villages you can find in Italy, only those sprawled out more once you get away from the top of the hill itself.
SirInkman's avatar
DarthAsparagus's avatar
Nice, I like the shape of the village. I am always disappointed when there is nice cartography (drawing style) but the underlying place is just boring or unrealistic. This place looks like something that could really exist somewhere.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Darth :D
I try to put a fair amount of realism and reasoning into my maps. I try to. :P
Doesn't always work, but I try. :nod:
menapia's avatar
pleasing on the eye and interesting street names - I live in a town that dates back to the 1000's and some of our medieval wall is still standing with the towered town gates and the Abbey built by a local guy who took part in the first Crusade .

The picture looks original like it could be dropped down in the English Cotswolds - talking about odd street names we have one here that's in viking Danish "Keyser" and another medieval street name "Kiss-arse lane"
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks menapia :)
It would be cool to live in a town or city with such deep old roots.
HusseinHorack's avatar
My postman would hate this! Nice layout. 
SirInkman's avatar
I can just imagine the postman walking in circles haha :)
Thanks Hussein
zoomzoom's avatar
i love maps! so nice...
SirInkman's avatar
Thank you Sergey :D
Edarneor's avatar
Hey, what a tiny and neat town! Would be awesome to live in. ;)
Btw, Who lives in the Someone's Home?
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Alex. :)
Well, Someone... of course. ;)
Edarneor's avatar
You bet! Not just anyone :D
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