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Spheres of Power - A new Pathfinder magic system
A recent bit of work I did for Drop Dead Studios who funded a new book on kickstarter -…

Here's the kickstarter description.
Spheres of Power is a completely new magic system usable with Pathfinder and other D20 fantasy games. Rather than simply being a new way to access the old system (spell levels, spells per day, spell slots, etc.,) Spheres of Power reworks everything from the ground up, giving players and GMs a talent-based magic system that provides everything they need to explore whole new settings and characters.

These would be the chapter headers for each sphere.
From what I understand pre-orders for the book will begin in May.

Copyright Drop Dead Studios 2014
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If mind would let me use telekinesis and the dark for dark matter, then I would pick those! However, after taking a quiz to learn my soul element I had learned that I am actually Fire. I can already imagine someone pulling off a hot head joke after reading that part.