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By SirInkman
This was my entry for the Cartographer's Guild challenge, commission a guilder for 2019.
I was teamed with :iconthomas-rey: and his brief was to do his region of Kanoba in one of my styles.
That was probably our biggest challenge to date, with the most people joining in.
It was really cool. :) Loads of great entries.

It's available as a print -…
If you enjoy the work and want to support it -…

Other bits...
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Fifth belated comment. Seeing MY world brought to life by the quill of an artist I admire is a pure delight :) Gotta get the biggest print a couple of month down the lane ;)
SirInkman's avatar
I made it big so you could get a good sized one. :)
It was a pleasure to work on. I love a map I can explore while I render it.
This was definitely that. I wandered around up in the north.
Sadly I forgot to add the 3 point compass thing.
Somatis's avatar
The details are amazing. The little animals xD
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Ray :D
I wanted to do more varied animals, but time was a bit constrained.
BastianConst's avatar
Brilliant work ☺
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Thanks Patrick :)
eegariM's avatar
This is fantastic! It really makes me want to explore some of those places. I'm also a fan of the colouring and toning of this.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks eegari :D
You're one of the people whose landscape photography inspires me. Clap 
eegariM's avatar
Oh wow, that's such warming compliment! :hug:
daryoon30's avatar
Very nice map! :) I love it.
SirInkman's avatar
Thank you George :)
I'm glad you enjoy it.
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I often say it, but what's especially incredible in your work is everytime I watch one of your maps, I find something I never spotted before : it's something about how natural looks your linework. The shapes, the mountains, the biomes are never repetitive. Right now, I especially noticed how amazing are the cast shadows on the side of the mountains. Splendid. Just splendid. 
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks so much, Beee :D
I suspect it happens because I'm sort of doing a kind of virtual wandering.
I imagine being in the region I'm drawing.
I do try very hard not to replicate my mountains, but it can be difficult not to.

I feel like I succeeded if there are places I want to go explore further. :grinwoo: 

MistyBeee's avatar
Even this is the perfect reflection of your poetic mind Meow :3 
FrancescaBaerald's avatar
I find this map magnificent :clap:
SirInkman's avatar
Thank you very much, Francesca :D
High praise from a maker of wonderful maps. Meow :3 
arsheesh's avatar
Yup, that's a nice map.  Excellent detail work.
SirInkman's avatar
Fotoref's avatar
Did you use any reference?
SirInkman's avatar
No, but I look at so much satellite imagery and landscape photography that I'm sure it seeps in.
renhob27's avatar
Merveilleuse carte. Beau travail artistique. :)
SirInkman's avatar
Merci Renaud :)
J'apprécie ton commentaire
DarkElixir's avatar
Gorgeous map, so many places to go exploring. I particularly like the tree - mountain transitions.
SirInkman's avatar
Thank you Gavin :)
I really enjoy working at a scale that I can do that sort of transition.
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