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Island of the Moon



PS painting start to finish

Edit - Peng Li, the Island of the Moon. The island is a legend among the south Qai'dran islanders and a fable for children in the halls of ancient Taolan, far to the north.
No one knows who settled Peng Li and much on the island seems to predate the oldest cultures on Luma.
To those of Peng Li, Luma is known as Halun and they believe the ancients came west to the island from a land none have seen;a land that may not exist or may exist no longer, gone beneath the waves of time.
Few indeed have found the fabled island and fewer still choose to leave that wonder land.

I've wanted to do a map where there were clouds drifting by so this ended up being that map. It was fun to work on and thankfully went pretty quickly. I have to say I really like this one a lot.

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Nicely done! The rivers and lakes are particularly good with this one. The topography technique works, though it seems a bit too regular/smooth. Perhaps another pass could help if you could add in some spurs and draws to the secondary ridges.