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Forgotten Ruin 2019

By SirInkman
Toward the end of last year/beginning of this year I had the pleasure of working with Nick Cole and Jason Anspach, of the Galaxy's Edge series of books.

Here they head into another direction with an old school style rpg, enlisting some old school names.
They worked with Jim Ward and Erol Otis, among others. The combat mechanics are new and interesting.

For the map, they wanted something between Tolkien and Conan, which I was happy to work on.
You can follow the progress on or over on FB -…
You can see the clean grayscale over on artstation -…

Other bits...
Kanoba by SirInkman  At Home, in Shahda by SirInkman  Estoria by SirInkman  Gate of Tomhagar by SirInkman  town of Deliverance by SirInkman  Frosthaven [2015] by SirInkman
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Why is it literally Europe?
SirInkman's avatar
The clients dictate what they are commissioning.

vectormoon's avatar
Yes, but I’ve seen a few rhat are literally Europe with seemingly no reason.
arsheesh's avatar
I just love this piece.  The border is just so damn cool!
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Tad :D
It was a fun one to work on.
aNNzaRR's avatar
Fantastic artwork !! :)
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks aNNzaRR :)
Smawmoose's avatar
This is amazing work Happy Berryfall 
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Smawmoose :)
Kingofcourgette's avatar
Amazing work !
Cheers from the Savage Lands !
SirInkman's avatar
Thank you KoC :D
Lots of good folks in the Savage Lands =P
eegariM's avatar
Really interesting to see Europe that way. Did you take any date in history as an inspiration?
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks eegari :)
No, no specific date. They said it was something like 10,000 years in the future, relative.
But they stated various things they wanted changed/altered due to certain cataclysms they had planned.
eegariM's avatar
Oki, thanks for the answer! :)
FrancescaBaerald's avatar
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Thanks so much Francesca :)
Ilanthar's avatar
When everything seems to be perfectly like it should... Art with a capital A, no doubt.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Ilanthar :D
It was long overdue for me to pay homage to both the Tolkien style map, as well as various Conan style maps and illustrations.
They've been big influences over the years. :)
Thomas-Rey's avatar
Sixth belated comment. You slapped me right in the jaw with this one. The map by itself is magnificent but the embellishments are from another world.The serpents are awesomely evocative of Conan's stories, the lower part reminds me of your Inktober run and it is high praise and I cannot wait to know what's the secret behind the coat of arms.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Thomas :D
Yeah, there were a lot of things I wanted to try here.
Most came out as I imagined. A few maybe not as effectively.
I would like to do some more works that lean more toward that inktober style.
It's sort of an etching look, and i like that.

I am not sure if they need to publish before I say more about the story stuff, like the coat of arms.
Though, it was a clever devising of my own. They didn't ask for it, but loved it when I explained it.
FrustratedInExcelsis's avatar
Interesting -- given the inspirations, I'm taking this to be something like a mythic prehistory of Europe and the Mediterranean?

Hmm. Somehow, I can't imagine Umnoth being an especially pleasant place to visit.
SirInkman's avatar
It's supposed to be far future. I should have stated that in the info.
There is definitely a connection there with Umnoth, I was told. ;)
Gotagetoing's avatar
Expected Scandinavia (especially Denmark) to have changed somewhat, yet Zealand/Sjaelland remains closely (if not exactly) the same.
edit: Caspian Sea is already evaporating in our times, so it'd make sense for it to be much smaller (or gone completely).
SirInkman's avatar
It is a client piece, so I was not fully at liberty to alter certain things.

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