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Doors of Dream

By SirInkman
The doors of Dream traverse the illusive silver roads, near and far, beyond Dawn's dull drapes and the dusty veil of Time.
From worlds Far Beyond to the halls of Nowhere on the shores of Eternity, these doors bring tales of the fantastic
and the mundane from all over the many realities of mind and space.

Dreamers catch wisps of whispers on the winds of other worlds;
a slip of a tale that slithers half-told into sleep-weaving minds, carrying hints of legends not of the waking world.

Rarer still are those sleep walkers who can cross the Grey threshhold and truly traverse the misty realms of Outer Yon,
and the shadow shaped illusive Lands Beyond; Grey wanderers, astride the mystic vales between fantasy and reality,
Dreamland's vast horizons and the hard-line stasis of the Dawn treader's realm.

The doors can take you to so many far flung places; from Nightswane to Nhyn, the light layers of Time to the lands of Luma,
from the far side of the Dark Still to the magic steeped alleys of the Nightside. Stories abound just over the threshhold.
Welcome stranger. Let me be your guide, out here in the dreaming wide, far beyond the edge of the waking world.

This is a piece that I spent some time crafting for my story blog, just recently begun -
I'm going to be posting stories and associated imagery over there each month. 
Sometimes there will be serialized stories, other times complete tales.
It's a way to push myself to fill out the tales of Luma and Nhyn, as well as some other ones that need doing.
Hope you enjoy it. Cheers, J :D

Other bits...
Castle Vidasvard by SirInkman   Iri-Oriand, Land of living Magic by SirInkman   Islands of the Sleepy Dragon by SirInkman   Harlasea - Grymnar by SirInkman   Castle Ghral by SirInkman   City of Rognal by SirInkman
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© 2019 - 2021 SirInkman
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MistyBeee's avatar
I could live in this one for many reasons. Night sky, doors to dreamy worlds and half timbered house above the mist... there's something in my mind looking exactly like this and it's almost disturbing to see someone else painting it Blush 
SirInkman's avatar
Indeed, it would be a very cool experience. :)
Maybe it is the connection to the dreamlands inside all of our heads? Meow :3 
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Anastasiy :)
BastianConst's avatar
Ooo love the atmosphere of the piece 😀
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks so much Patrick :D
Ilanthar's avatar
You already I love this one, but I forgot to say that I also love the idea behind it.
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Ilanthar :D
Appreciate that.
Kellerica's avatar
Cool idea, and beautiful blue tone!
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks Kell :D
There are some related pieces that I may still make.
xxStolen-soulsxx's avatar
I knew they were dream doors before I saw the title.
Great work
SirInkman's avatar
Thanks so much Kacey :)
NotWithoutHonor's avatar
SirInkman's avatar
yukipurecross's avatar
It looks beautiful
SirInkman's avatar
Thank you Darci :D
Thomas-Rey's avatar
Holly cow ! It is gorgeous and there is something of the Keyhouse Manor from Locke & Key in this layout ! I'm so glad you opened that door (and the pun is intended :)) !
SirInkman's avatar
The-Standing-Man's avatar
Gaiman, Morpheus and Hypnos would be proud.
SirInkman's avatar
Hehe, you are forgetting some folks...
Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith, and the grandaddy of it all - Lord Dunsany. :D
I am inspired by a lot of great stuff out there in the big wide world.
And beyond it Meow :3 
The-Standing-Man's avatar
As are we all. Keep up the good work.
It fires the imagination!

And I kinda want a musical called 'Nightside Story' now
SirInkman's avatar
Hehehe, that could be awesome, or truly terrible :horror:
Moja Moja emoticon 1P Eye Crawling horror icon Golden nightmares -FREE AVATAR: What? Oo Watching You Don't Starve Crawling Horror icon Spooky Spiderweb Animated Icon [Goretober] Monster Monster [Over The Garden Wall] 

any idea how to screengrab as animated gif? :o
Me? Alas! I'm not nearly computer-savvy enough for that; I feel like a caveman in the digital age sometimes.
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