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Sun Down


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Sun Down


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Mistborn - An Overdue Dance


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Hobbit Fanart - Gandalf the Gray

Visions of Arda

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Garrison at the Wall

A Song of Ice and Fire

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Ciri, Eredin, Avallac'h - civadin meme


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Lord Agni By Mukesh Singh

Mahabharata and the Ancient India

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Of Maedros and Elrond in Sirion (a comic)

Inspired by my recent kidnap fam redraw, here’s an extended comic on Fire and Wrath – Maedros carries Elrond out of a burning building in Sirion. I decided to put the panels in a journal post because they were all different sizes, and I was too tired to try to fit them onto one canvas. I ended up doing this comic in my inky style, mostly because I love how it shows the contrast between tol blocky Maedros and smol Blobrond – and Elrond is just so sweet and protectable! :DDD But anyways, back to the scene at hand ... I keep imagining Maedros to be furious, both with himself, the Fëanorians’ failure to retrieve the Silmaril, and the buildings being on fire while he’s still inside (maybe having spread from outside, or his followers went against his orders for some reason?). And now he has Elrond with him. Perhaps Maedros sees Eluréd and Elurín in the child’s face? Or maybe he’s just sick of how everything has turned out? Whichever way, he wraps Elrond in his cloak and

Graphic Novels

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Wolves' attack

Ink and graphite, black and white

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Photo - animals

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Figure Drawing: Mage

Stock photos

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Anathema - A Natural Disaster

Concerts and Musicians

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So again it has come to pass. We spilt the precious blood of our kin. Two guards lie dead and silent on the floor of the tent. Several others fix their empty and yet accusing gazes up to the dawning sky and beyond the boundaries of the world. As many others before them, they stood in our path – and we dispatched them. A dull echo of remorse resonates faintly somewhere deep within my soul at the realization of how easy it was. For me, anyway. There used to be times, when shedding our kin's blood would be an alien concept to us, something beyond our imagination. But those times seem so distant now... We used to be so innocent, centuries ago. I

Poetry and Prose

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Lord of the Rings kitty

Artisan Crafts

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Lady Ice


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Grand Julian Compass Rose

Fractal Art

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The Emperor's Soul - The imperial prison


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Sea wave tutorial


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DeviantArt Protect: Helping Safeguard Your Art

UPDATE: DeviantArt Protect Now Detects Potential NFT Infringement DeviantArt Protect, our state-of-the-art image recognition software, is expanding its reach beyond just DeviantArt, and now scans public blockchains and third-party marketplaces for potential art infringements in the form of minted non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Not every NFT is minted by the actual owner of the art, allowing bad actors to sell and profit from the hard work of deviants. With this addition, DeviantArt Protect provides an additional layer of security to help safeguard your art. Learn more » DeviantArt is proud to introduce innovative new technology in our continued effort to help protect our registered artists. DeviantArt Protect, our new state-of-the-art image recognition software, was developed to help safeguard your art in ways that were not possible without recent advances in machine learning. As many artists are aware, copyright infringement is a serious problem. This technology is trained to

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Smiley's Adventures

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