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Scion of Kings - son of Orodreth (col)

Ereinion Gil-galad, the sixth and last High King of the NoldorWhile in the published "Silmarillion" he is the son of Fingon, JRRT's latest idea was to make him the son of Orodreth. Illustration to a polemic about his parentage in the jubilee 20th issue of the almanac "Aiglos" (Polish language issue), with the son of Orodreth at the top and the son of Fingon mirrored in the bottom. Base for this was a mirrored image, colour added with filters in Photoshop. Done in Painter & Photoshop.

His epessë Ereinion means "Scion of Kings". By the way I recommend Tehta's humorous story which inspired me to make a double-portrait of the "son kings", not just a portrait of one parentage variation and also to give such title - The Scion of Kings by Tehta 

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Gil-galad as son of Fingon:…

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I mean he could be both.

Born to Fingon but Raised by Orodreth after the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

I mean it would not be the first character in Tolkien to be adopted
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It is also a good idea - to combine both the Silmarillion and HoME versions.
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I love that you did two versions of Gil-galad. It's so interesting to me that he jumped from one branch of the family tree to another.

Which lineage do you prefer personally?
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Ohm, this is tough question. While I follow the "Fingon was never married" line from HoME, I think I cannot get out of my head dark haired GG. I drew him blond in this set to stress the difference between the two (the dark haired is also closer to my vision of Fingon in features), but I think even with Orodreth being a father dark hair are possible. So in the end Gil-galad will be son of Orodreth, most probably blond, but not necessarily. He could get hair after his mother's line and since she was Sinda she most probably had dark hair.
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Beautiful drawing and very interesting concept!       ..and I missed your Noldor very much!))
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Thank you, Elena :thanks: Hopefully they'll keep on appearing more often :fingerscrossed:
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