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Scion of Kings - son of Fingon (color)

Character  Gil-galadLocation  Beleriand
Ereinion Gil-galad, the sixth and last High King of the NoldorWhile in the published "Silmarillion" he is the son of Fingon, JRRT's latest idea was to make him the son of Orodreth. Colored version of the llustration to a polemic about his parentage in the jubilee 20th issue of the almanac "Aiglos" (2015, Polish language issue), with the son of Fingon at the top and the son of Orodreth mirrored in the bottom. Painter & Photoshop, 2015 & 2019.

Ereinion means "Scion of Kings" thus the title, a words play between the epessë and the complicated parentage. By the way I recommend Tehta's humorous story which inspired me to make a double-portrait of the "son kings", not just a portrait of one parentage variation and also to give such title - The Scion of Kings by Tehta 

Son of Orodreth version

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The original in b&w:…
monochromatic variant:…
and Gil-galad's possible father:…
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Love the drawing, he looks amazing both ways!:love:

I always thought that even if Fingon was excluded at first, in the end it is the most sensible option as his father. Mostly because he has no part in the fall of Nargothrond, and he is to much clever to let Turin being near his sister. And since in the Silmarillion looks like Maedhros passes the crown to the oldest of the House of Fingolfin and so on... he had to be Fingolfin's descendant to be crowned, I believe.

Just an opinion though^^;

But as we'll never know, nothing is definitive :meow:

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Thank you! I agree this way of inheriting the crown from M-F-Fingon-GG makes more sense :)

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Excellent work! They both look dashing!

(Ah, Gil Galad's father is a complicated story but Fingon was the first to be confirmed as not his father. I had read it was a typo in the first published edition which Tolkien wanted to be corrected. And then many versions came up about which his father is. I think Orodreth is the most common.)

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Thank you! :thanks: AFAIK Fingon version was written by the Silmarillion editors Christopher Tolkien and Guy Gavriel Kay to unify all existing variants and versions of stories. I haven't hard about the typo, but maybe you are right with it, got to look it up one day. Orodreth, being not a brother but a son of Angrod and the father of Gil-galad (and Findulias) is the latest version JRRT wrote. We don't know if it would be the official variant if JRRT was living long enough to publish the Silmarillion himself, but that is what many people treat as the most canonical since it was the last idea he had. I don't know myself, I can imagine the Silmarillion verse and HoME verse as two existing ideas depending on which book we follow. Or what makes more consistent history. 
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It's a complicated situation....but I like how you included both versions ^-^

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This is really gorgeous!
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