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Beleriand and Realms of The North

By Sirielle
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Map rendering by Sirielle, with Thangorodrim, compass rose and tengwar frame by Ominously. Published on-line with Ominously's permission. 

Based on on maps by J.R.R. Tolkien in HoME, Christopher Tolkien in The Silmarillion &  Karen Wynn Fonstad in The Atlas of Middle-earth,  and invaluable tips from Ominously, without whom the map would be incomplete :thanks:

Press Download< to see details (higher resolution - 2472×1415) #1

My other works related to Beleriand:
- map of The Realms of the Noldor and the Sindar Beleriand - Realms
Let the havens burn by Sirielle On the way to Thangorodrim by Sirielle Gondolin in blue (more images in description) by Sirielle

[Updated 27.08.2015].

Regarding the source map by JRRT - not HoME XII, but XIpages 182-185. Thanks to Demosthenes at to pointing out it's not XII:…
 Thank you for the feature, too!

Forward it at Tumblr Icon…

Note on the buildings - they are more symbols of cities and fortresses, showing their different characters than literal renderings of the actual buildings.

Polska wersja mapyBeleriand i Krainy ... (PL)

Art by Ominously
I want YOU for Morgul's Army by Ominously  Mairon by Ominously Ainulindale by Ominously

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tanks, you are helping me to read Tolkien!!!

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Good to know :)

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Beautiful map, thank you for sharing!

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Beautiful map!

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Amazing. Is a larger size available. Happy to buy it. It would be great on a wall.

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This rules. May the One, Who guides the hearts, hands, and feet of His First- and Second-born, and all Speaking People, keep you and all whom you love. 

(Pardon my extravagance. Am sorta wired for it.)
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No need for the pardon, thank you very much :thanks:

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I love this map! It's amazing how much detail you packed in it while also keeping it stylish
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Thank you very much! :thanks:
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This is simply amazing...

Is it for sale anywhere?
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You helped me a lot to res Tolkien with the maps!You rock.
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Masterpiece. This is digital version of Tomasz "Saso" Kowal style; his maps are also wonderful. 
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I love the maps by Saso! :love: It was my inspiration to make my own map in the first place, though firiends had to push me to finally do it. And to do something more than a "dry" map - with just lines for rivers and different patterns for forests and mountains etc. But I tried to do a stylized fantasy map as you see in RPG & computer games, not digitalize Saso's maps. I used tutorials by torstan, creator of the maps to GRRM's  Song of Ice and Fire. But if you are looking for beautiful maps of Middle-earth check the maps by FrancescaBaerald:
Map of Middle Earth -  Lord of the Rings by FrancescaBaerald
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Thank you for mentioning my work! :heart:
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Fantastic map recommended for a map enthusiast :)
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Congratulations on the wonderful work! I came by Cesar's nomination of youtube channel Tolkien Talk :D
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Thank you! :thanks: I wish there were English subtitles to his video, maybe one day :fingerscrossed:
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I'm listening to The Silmarillion on tape (the Martin Shaw reading), and this really helps with grasping the geography of Western Middle-earth!
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