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Beleriand and Realms of The North

Map rendering by Sirielle, with Thangorodrim, compass rose and tengwar frame by Ominously. Published on-line with Ominously's permission. 

Based on on maps by J.R.R. Tolkien in HoME, Christopher Tolkien in The Silmarillion &  Karen Wynn Fonstad in The Atlas of Middle-earth,  and invaluable tips from Ominously, without whom the map would be incomplete :thanks:

Press Download< to see details (higher resolution - 2472×1415) #1

My other works related to Beleriand:
- map of The Realms of the Noldor and the Sindar Beleriand - Realms
Let the havens burn by Sirielle On the way to Thangorodrim by Sirielle Gondolin in blue (more images in description) by Sirielle

[Updated 27.08.2015].

Regarding the source map by JRRT - not HoME XII, but XIpages 182-185. Thanks to Demosthenes at to pointing out it's not XII:…
 Thank you for the feature, too!

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Note on the buildings - they are more symbols of cities and fortresses, showing their different characters than literal renderings of the actual buildings.

Polska wersja mapyBeleriand i Krainy ... (PL)

Art by Ominously
I want YOU for Morgul's Army by Ominously  Mairon by Ominously Ainulindale by Ominously

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Wow amazing map, congratulations!!

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looks like copy of the middle earth. but its Tolkien's work not u :). Nice map btw.

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It would be hard to draw a map of Beleriand not following the original maps of the Tolkiens, it would not be Beleriand anymore. And not only the Tolkiens, you've got all details in description and on the map itself.

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Beautiful map art :)

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tanks, you are helping me to read Tolkien!!!

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Good to know :)

Beautiful map, thank you for sharing!

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Beautiful map!

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Amazing. Is a larger size available. Happy to buy it. It would be great on a wall.

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This rules. May the One, Who guides the hearts, hands, and feet of His First- and Second-born, and all Speaking People, keep you and all whom you love. 

(Pardon my extravagance. Am sorta wired for it.)
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No need for the pardon, thank you very much :thanks:

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I love this map! It's amazing how much detail you packed in it while also keeping it stylish
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Thank you very much! :thanks:
This is simply amazing...

Is it for sale anywhere?
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You helped me a lot to res Tolkien with the maps!You rock.
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Masterpiece. This is digital version of Tomasz "Saso" Kowal style; his maps are also wonderful. 
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I love the maps by Saso! :love: It was my inspiration to make my own map in the first place, though firiends had to push me to finally do it. And to do something more than a "dry" map - with just lines for rivers and different patterns for forests and mountains etc. But I tried to do a stylized fantasy map as you see in RPG & computer games, not digitalize Saso's maps. I used tutorials by torstan, creator of the maps to GRRM's  Song of Ice and Fire. But if you are looking for beautiful maps of Middle-earth check the maps by FrancescaBaerald:
Map of Middle Earth -  Lord of the Rings by FrancescaBaerald
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Thank you for mentioning my work! :heart:
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