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A test on Balerion's look and size (should be able to swallow a mammoth). And a test on black teeth. The dragon bone is said to be black, but after a discussion in ASoIaF group conclusion is the teeth might as well be light in color. Anyway I managed to give him teeth which could hurt the owner ;) also he is more a fantasy dragon than the horrible Black Dread, but I still like the outcome so here he is - Balerion of the Song if Ice and Fire, with Aegon by his side. And no, I have no idea where Aegon could sit upon the dragon. Perhaps in the end I've made Balerion too big ;)

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Horrible design
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In a good or bad sense?
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good of course!!
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I found what I want for Christmass!! Instant :+fav:

Great composition, the black teeth and "pre-heated" breath weapon (I see what you did there...) make him a menacing figure to say the least! Kicks major butt, if you pardon my french... :D

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Thank you, I'm glad you like my dragon :thanks: You need a tall, fireproof Christmas  Tree ;)
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This is one evil, terrifying, awesome looking dragon.  The black teeth idea is a great one in this image because the red and yellow behind them give a sweet effect of sharpness and makes it look like he's about to burn someone to a crisp.  The texture is awesome and I love his eye.  Fantastic work.
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yes...the lighting looks great with that!
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Thank you very much! :thanks: I wasn't sure about the black teeth, but yes the highlights would not play that well on white, so it was worth trying. Regarding textures at first I was thinking of doing scales, but then with such huge dragon the scales should not be that visible from a distance. The eye is after crocodile mixed with a lizard eye and who knows what ;)
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The black teeth was definitely a good choice!  I wouldn't even know how to figure out to make a cool texture like that!  It was a really nice effect
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Ohh I love the way you did the textures on him! The red light from his eyes, nose, and mouth makes me feel as if he were almost made of magma inside too. Very nice!
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Thank you :thanks: I'm glad you like the textures. I was thinking of doing scales at first but then with such huge dragon the scales should not be that visible, we're not close enough. I like your magma comparison, good idea :thumbsup:
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Sweet looking dragon!
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Great work! :wow:
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