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So I have finally gone completely mad by attempting to make a canon side view of Vinyl. I also toyed around with her colors again; changing her coat to a light cream color and a more "natural" color for the mane.

This has been one of my favorite's to vector. Just look at her, she looks so adorable and cuddley!
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Dawwwww! She's so cute!
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i love Vinyl shes my fav. pony. My brothers a brony and i was not into my little pony. So he found one that's special talent thingy is one thing i love most music!!! ^-^
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hi your probly gonna say no but do you mind if I use this as my icon? I REALLY want a vinyl scratch icon and this is AWESOME I will give you credit tho :) anyways its fine if you say no but thanks! :D
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Its totally fine as long as you credit me
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Alright thank you ^_^
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It wont save as my Icon you know why?
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Holy crap, that's adorable as heck!!!
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It's really cute! ^w^b
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Either she's got a new mix table or Octavia's shown up with a new bowtie.
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She's so cute! :D Nice vector :3
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Indeed she is, thanks!
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Nice^^ Really great work:D
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You're welcome:D
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You haven't gone *completely* mad until you try to make a canon rear-angled-view of Vinyl: [link]

I feel like you know how I felt and I had to share.
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