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Well, here we are.

Contest Winner:
Awakening - by recluze…

Nice work, mate.  I'll note you seperately and we'll figure out which piece I'm printing.  

The rest of you are getting signed prints of In Darkness Light.  As luck would have it I have a stock of 610 x 915cm prints from Reinders Posters (who recently optioned them for resale).  You'll each get one of these, signed on the back.

Thanks everyone for participating!  This contest was a trial run, and I learned much from it.  I hope to hold better contests in the future, so if you've got ideas feel free to pepper them on in.

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congrats to the winner, that pic looks pretty cool ^_^

yeah, if you ever have another contest i'll be sure to enter :D i only learned of this one the day before it was due ^^;
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Hey, thanks everyone. I honestly didn't think I'd win with all the great guys here. Praise from my favourite artist is prize enough for me. (Although I'm not saying I don't want the prints :D )

Hope to see more contests soon.

and thanks Greg :)
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Congrats Recluze!

And Greg, I think you mean 610 x 915 _mm_ prints, not cm. :P
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whoops, yeah. Milimeters.
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I wouldn't have minded getting a 9 meter print, though. :P
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Great job recluze :#1:

The contest was a good idea, it is just a busy time for a lot of people. I read about the contest 4 hours before it was over and then had to go to work.

j4m3sb0nd has good advice about the contest. More notice would be super because I would love to enter something for one of your prints *Phoenix Nebula*
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:clap: To the winner!

yarr well, im happy with getting that print, i like that one. :nod:

Oh yeah my suggestion: Let more people know about the contest, suggest that you will holda contest soon to get interest, & give like a month to complete it when you choose to bring forth the contest. This way im sure you would get plenty more entries. :)
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