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Published: January 24, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 sirgerg
Created in Adobe Photoshop

EDIT: Updated February 2014
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RedNosE2Hobbyist Photographer
Very nice
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Demanksin Photographer
Looks like an illustration for Trier's "Melancolia"

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In destruction, beauty!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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KazanskyHobbyist Photographer
nice revisitation to old memories for me. there is nothing much to say master.
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steve-burgProfessional Filmographer
Wow! That's really an emergency situation :lol: !

Beautiful color on the impact point - I imagine this is a moment frozen in time - before the total destruction that is about to occur :)
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edumicroProfessional Interface Designer
Scientifically talking this is all wrong. The gravity of the two planets would make them wider and at this moment the smaller would ahve bigger fences. But anyway, this looks great! Art doesn't need to be scientific acurate. :P
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sirgergProfessional Interface Designer
I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I agree it's pretty off. This was painted before I started taking the science aspect of my work seriously.
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edumicroProfessional Interface Designer
Hehe. :D When two big objects in other space like thouse planets with similar masses, they're gravity will push the surface each one of them to oposite sides. And the part of the planet that is in front of the other planet will start being "atracted" by the gravity of the other planet. In your artwork piece the two planets are perfect spheres.

You can see in this picture... [link]

The bigger planet is deformed.

But anyway this looks awesome as I said. Brilliant work! :D
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JUST ART !!! Beutiful
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eric-taylorProfessional Photographer
You should be doing the artwork for EVE online
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Does seem to make more of an impact than before. Did you make it more "vivid" and increase some of the contrasts between elements (i.e. bottom left nebulae and the transition into the impactee's umbra)?
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sirgergProfessional Interface Designer
I tweaked the background colors so they blended to black better, added some warmer hues and adjusted the main planet shading so it looked a little more spherical.
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I purchased a print of the old version a few years back. It still hangs in my room. :D
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It is a wonderful image and beautifully rendered, but I think that both bodies would be quite disturbed and destroyed-looking from tidal forces, even before collision, in such close proximity. :-)
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sirgergProfessional Interface Designer
Entirely possible. At the time I made this (four years ago) I was far less concerned with such things... if I paint a new one in the future however, good notes to keep in mind.
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Your images give such wonderful wallpapers ;)
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EkaOne1 General Artist
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saiyronHobbyist General Artist
amazing pic !!!
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The best spaceart i've ever seen.
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I Haven't Word for express the Beauty of this Picture :O
Just Awesome!
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so elegant in its power
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To-mosHobbyist General Artist
That's freaking insane!
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wow............amazing work
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