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kinda shook to see people don't know the exsistence of chameleons while thay know theres a species called chimereons (which is based on chameleons(real exsisting species))

it feels like when axolotls are not that known in the furry community, people were calling them 'sir fluff oc's' and i was like THOSE ARE REAL SPECIES DAMMIT hahA 😂

anyways, here's mah grumpy chameleon lizard son
you can see more info about him on his TH:
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Got a smooch-im-up right here

Love your take on the species

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he's a real cool kid
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i also have a chameleon oc named lulu and people say they look like a chimereon all the time and im like bitch no,,,
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Hello I am ciny the art girl.:deviantart:

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Hello everybody how are doing?

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Must be very poular in the chimereon community. ,,^.A.^,,
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Can I marry him
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I wanna make one, but I'll get attacked by chimereon fans lol.
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nah, most (decent) chimereon fans + mods are pretty chill. one of the mods even had a non-chimereon chameleon OC for quite a while <3 so don't be afraid of just makin a chameleon!
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If you do I’ll beat them up
be creative!! Do whatever you want!! Don’t let people tell you not to draw something because of their rules!!!
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Mmmmmmm blue is a good color!
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He's such a cute grump <3

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succ peen 4 money 
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Amazimg over all, Line art is Very clean, color palette isn simple and pleasing to the eyes. Only truly noticable thing i can critique is your watermark. I understand you're protecting your art but it really does subtract from the overall appeal of the piece. If anyone really wanted to they could steal your art as there are many tools avalible online for watermark removal.

But great piece overall 👌👌👌
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He looks awesome!! :w00t!:
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