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chiffon ref sheet

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so a lot of peps in youtube was asking for a ref sheet so here it is!

Full name: chiffon

Gender: male

Species: axolotl

Age: 25

Birthday: 6. 14

Sexuality: pansexual

Languages spoken: english/korean

Native language: english


Height: 120cm(+tail(63cm)

Weight: 25kg (+tail(9kg)

Figure/build: standard, little bit of fat on the bally

Hair colour: white

Eye colour: black

Skin/fur/etc colour: pink

Tattoos: non

Piercings: non

Scars/distinguishing marks: tail fin is a bit ripped, blushes, smol hight

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: non


Smoker? nope

Drinker? nope

Recreational Drug User? Which? nope

Addictions: clean

Allergies: has non

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: non

Any medication regularly taken: non


-chill, but angry at the same time
-don't feel guilt
-filled with confidence

Likes: any kind of seafood(especially shrimp), worms(for eating), his lab,testing, to boss somebody around,swimming

Dislikes: people telling him what to do, dry and hot places, cabbages,carrots(cooked carrots are ok),other furries (except reptile,fishkind and amphibia kind)

Fears/phobias: non

Favourite colour: pink

Hobbies: taking a nap,swimming,bossing people around,doing "stuff" for he's experiments


Talents/skills: born genius, have a talent for studying

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles?:
can drive but don't have a car
(have the money but he's fav cars won't come out with color pink)


Favourite food(s): seafood (especially shrimp) , worms, milworms,pudding

Favourite drink(s): soda, coffee with lot of suger

Disliked food(s): greens (ecpecially green beens,carrots and cabages)

Disliked drink(s): green tea,black tea(that don't have any suger)


Describe the character's house/home:
just a nolmal looking place, two floor house with a attic and a basement, has a tiny swimming pool in the backyeard (he sometimes sleep in there)


Level of education: high, graduated a great medical collage

Current job title and description:
-head of a big company and a scientist that makes medical,beauty products (ecspecially for reptile,fishkind and amphibia kind furries) (like cure for white mold infecction for newts, scale dye for fish ect)
- Secretly a mad scientist that kills people(furry) and experiment with them as if they are test animals


Peaceful or aggressive attitude?
:angry peaceful for most of the time, when he became calm-aggressive then you should run

Fighting skills/techniques: will cut your artery for the kill, stabs you multiple times for experimenting

Special skills/magical powers/etc: if regrowing limbs is a special power then yeah.. (he can regrow a whole arm within 3 seconds)

Weapon of choice (if any): scalple and his "tools" ,kitchin knife (but can use anything that is sharp and light enough for him to lift it)

Weaknesses in combat: he has fragile skin (low defence), can faint if the background is too hot or dry

Strengths in combat: don't tire out too easily, high speed (when underwater, heavily raining, twice as fast)


Parents names: the big daddy(they call him that)

Are parents alive or dead? yes he is

Is the character still in contact with their parents? yep

Siblings? Relationship with siblings?
two big brothers (now one since the big one dies in a "car crash")

Other Important Relatives: non

monty-he's personal Secretary
peril- keeps runs away while worktime so a pain in the ass but still a really good employee (collage friend)
the fire twins- annoying as hell but will consider hireing them when thay get older cus they seems smart
FB- first undead that he made that could talk,think,feel. keeping him in he's basement
pomae(leader of the doggo gang) : had a deal to bring criminals to him so he could deal with them, he didn't told pomae he'll use them for experimenting

Pets: non


wait for it 😉

-if you call him tiny he stabbs
-has a dirty mouth (= curse a lot)
-only use reptile,fishkind and amphibia kind furries as a employee, but only smart ones since he's company is all about science and medical stuff
-since he can't stand dry skin he always puts on peach smell lotion
-he has very thin(fragile) skin, he's squishy as hell, but if you do squish he's cheeks he will stab you
-stabbing has always been the answer to he's problems
-he dreams for destruction of men(furry)kind
-have six to seven undead,mutated furries in he's basement, will continue to make more
-don't really show he's "bad side" of him to people outside his company., when nolmal peps see him, his just a little,week, but smart axolotl boi
-he sufferd a white fungus infection when he was a egg, so he was born twice smaller size as his brothers, so it's his illness that he's so small
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0w0hewoNew Deviant

C u t e !

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sandwichyesNew Deviant

he is reminding me of scourge the warrior cats character

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0w0hewoNew Deviant

Dude yes

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OmegaDragons321New Deviant

chiffon is 3 foot 11 meaning he is 2 feet shorter than me

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MrM0grueNew Deviant


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candy7sansNew Deviant
Eeee I LOVE THOS YOUTUBER!! (I hope they saw the drawing I made for them UwU)
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OmegaDragons321New Deviant

does chiffon have a knife sharpener? Because if not, he needs one.

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I’m kinda concerned about what he carries around.

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IncyrayHobbyist Digital Artist

good golly this is one precious, absurdly cute babu


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owlbearboiStudent Digital Artist

Aw man, I should make a ref sheet for my OCs! thank you so much for making this, Chiffon is so cute!!!!

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TigerGirl4353Hobbyist General Artist

hecc, you can bet i'll be waiting for that backstory lol

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WinryAngelHobbyist Digital Artist

any guy who carries a scalpel wherever he goes immediately gets my heart qwq

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C-E-RI-S-EHobbyist Digital Artist

he is so heccin cute!

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SummerIsAWolfHobbyist Digital Artist

You call him cute, you get the stab.

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OmegaDragons321New Deviant

I'd love that.

please help i am mentally degraded

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C-E-RI-S-EHobbyist Digital Artist
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This character Design is adorable! I’m not just saying that because he is an axolotl.

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TheArtyPikachuHobbyist General Artist

Bro I literally searched furry and got Chiffon like wth

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BasilnoseHobbyist Traditional Artist

me too

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TheArtyPikachuHobbyist General Artist

lol idk

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NadzDrawsHobbyist General Artist


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TheElusiveLlamaHobbyist Digital Artist

Me: *sees chiffon* Aww what a sweet lil beep, I bet he's a big ol softy

description: sociopath

Me: :o

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xXxChrisyBugxXxStudent Digital Artist
I love it how he has knifes and scalpels on him at all times, but there also has to be gummy worms and fish food.
You can get hungry while killing someone! :]
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XoraithanHobbyist Digital Artist

Note: don’t call him short, if you do you get the stabby stab

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