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    It's been a long time since I wrote of my travels. The journey to this Kingdom of Vale was without a doubt long and tedious. The desert sun was very kind to me as my dancing flame grew in abundance. My body was filled with warmth as if there was a fire lit in my body. Hopefully when I arrive my questions will be answered when I encounter this.."Patriarch." It sounds like he speaks with this 'True Mother' on a regular basis. What she says to this stranger I have no clue, but I need answers on why these dreams occur. Are they natural or did someone plant them there? I'll only know soon enough.

------ Day 3, Sunrise------

    Who knows how long till I arrive to Vale. I have plenty enough to eat and drink to survive many nights. Yet I know there could be possibilities of thieves, or Grimm attacks, I strangely..don't feel afraid. I feel as if the flames will protect me. Fire is my ally in this world and I gladly trust it with my life. I hope my parents who took me in and raised me are well back in Vacuo. Their were very gracious and compassionate about me wanting to go off to my own travels. I hope they are doing well and like I promised I will write them once I arrive to the kingdom.

I've heard of tales about the academy dubbed Beacon Academy. Huntsman and Huntresses in training
. They are very courageous to step up and risk their lives for an era of peace. Hopefully I will be able to find a way and assist in keeping peace not only in Vale but across all of the land. I will make sure that this will come to fruition.

------ Day 5, Midday------

I grow tired and weary. I still have no idea how much of a way I have left. I met a stranger today. He did not speak much which was fine. For a while he followed me. I did not seem to be worried though. It seemed he he was too shy to say anything. I invited to accompany me on my travels. Although I could take the unknown solo. This man was tall and large. He seemed strong. He frequently did gestures and pointed to the sun when it risen in mornings and setted at dusk. He keeps making noises though. Acting like he's an animal. I wonder if he is a faunus yet when I ask him he blatantly doesn't answer the question and points to the sun.

In the night. There would be darkness everywhere. I had no source of light unfortunately yet he grabbed ahold of me by my wrist. He seemed to know where to go as he continued to walk forward to tomorrow as he would put it. I've grown quite fond of him. Maybe consider him a friend. If he didn't come along I most likey wouldn't be here right now writing down my travels. Anyway as he would say.. onward to tomorrow...

(Sol Wick is a RWBY OC who is part of a new RWBY OC Group. More info will be revealed soon I assure you. I will post their info tomorrow. As for depictions of my ocs that will come in a few days time probably later.)

(This is The Lantern Sol Wick and this is her Story.)

She spoke to me in my dreams. I could not see her face for the light was too bright to reveal this ‘True Mother.’ She claims that I’m her daughter. Strange that even though I never met her before, I can somehow understand her. Her presence feels…familiar. Like I have known of her before. How mind rattling….

Her words were intriguing indeed. She seemed gentle though something still remained eerie. Yet somehow I feel like I can relate to what she said in my dreams. As I lived my life in the land of Vacuo underneath the desert sun, she continued to find ways to communicate with me. It felt so real. Even though I was under sleep. I knew that I had to follow the word’s of my dreams in order to find the answers to many sprouting questions.

Who is she? What is this White Light? Who was this Patriarch that I have to meet? Dust. It was an adventure to behold. The only way to travel to this..kingdom of Vale is by foot. A treacherous journey to be no doubt about it? In order to find the answers…I must do what she says. It is so sudden and everything changed quickly. I was once a girl who loved to dance underneath the sun at whatever opportunity I could grasp. Now I must journey across kingdoms. To Vale I must go. To the Patriarch. To my answers. To my future.