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Hi everybody!

Released NEW UPDATE on my GoFundMe as of November 24, 2017

I've been trying for nearly 2 and a half years now to get my smile back! To make a long story short, I've done things in my life that has attributed to the rapid decay of my teeth and along with having Periodontal Disease, that has sped up the decay process on my teeth! So far, I've been able to raise enough money where I have been able to get all my top teeth removed! Now, I'm working on raising some more money to get all my bottom teeth pulled! After that, I'll be able to get a full set of dentures which is going to be donated to me by the Armstrong Laboratory when the time comes!

Now, I ask all of you to please help me in anyway that you can! Share my campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and anywhere else that you think it'll help me out the best! If you're able too, then I ask if you can please at least donate anything to me because it all adds up in time and I for one, am no stranger to time as I have been trying so hard for 2 and a half years to get my smile back! I'm half way there and I will not stop until I'm able to smile again! If you can donate to me, that will really help but if you are unable to donate to me, that's alright. You can still help me tremendously by sharing my campaign on here in a Journal or share it on your social media accounts!

Here's a video of me to describe further my problems:: 
Here's a video of me to describe further my problems:: 

And here is the link to my GoFundMe Fundraiser:

Thank you all so very much if you decide to help me! Please know that I will be so appreciative if you help me along my journey!

- All the best;
-Kevin <3
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I really wish I could donate some money, man. I'll keep you in my prayers.