What happened?! I live in London!

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By sirethomas
Right, so, this is the short story: I didn't move back home to Norway anyway, I ended up doing a pitstop in London. Finally got the internet in my new house. I have some new stuff hidden away that I'll upload eventually.

Now, please hang on for the long story.
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Halla!!!!....bra å se deg igjen..det var lenge siden...men...hvordan har du blitt da??..er ferdig endelig eller henger på=)... du er vil smart og aktivt da!!!! helt sikkert mission accomplish??==

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I am terrible sorry for not replying earlier. I'm really bad at remembering to return comments. Actually, I'm pretty bad at anything related to writing. I never got around to use my blog and I never write letters or postcard. Maybe it should be my next new year resolution.

Well, to give you the short story. I'm still working at the same architectural place. Started with 2 weeks work and ended up with a 6 month contract. It runs out in February, so I'm not sure what happends after that. Depends if they want to keep me, and if I want to stay. Really should get that sorted soon.
So far London has been good. Met some nice people up here. That is excluding the tube. I hate it on the underground. That is, it's a great way of transportation, just not at rush-hour. And in the summer it's horribly warm there. I came to london in August. It was melting then, but during the peak of the summer... I don't wanna know... and this year is gonna be warmer.
Speaking of which, I was disapointed when I went back to Norway for the winter. It's never been that green before. Just insane. I htink I saw a thin slither of snow/slush right after New Years for half a day, but that was it. Global warming kicking in...

Anyways, I hope to bring more updates in my journal. I just gotto make my mind up. Like this weekend. I've tried to tick of several things on my todo list. Slowly getting through it. This comment was one of them. ;)
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Hey..............i havent saw your message til now..i was quiet often in the states..but anyways..thanks for writing and for the time spending in answering my comments or whatever it called...

Aaah..winter is much better this year than last year just hoping then that we will have a good summer too...about the language...even myself is confuse...sometimes i am used to fused norwegian and english which is kindda accepted here now...but still confusing sometimes.=) You are doing great with what you do and Guard it will.

til then and hey keeep in touch.
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Just realised something... you asked in Norwegian and I answered in English. ....a bit oposite of what it should be, isn't it?
I'm so used to English now that I switch instantly. If I speak Norwegian I can easily start talking English in the middle in a sentence if I for instance have to use an English work. and vice versa... confuses people sometimes.. :) hehe
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Blir nok neppe noe mer ferie på meg dette året, da jeg allerede har brukt opp alle feriedager. Men hvem vet. Mulig det blir en fotball-weekend en eller annen gang i løpet av høsten.
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Når kommer du til gamlelandet neste gang da? På tide med en pils eller to.
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Kommer til Trondheim til Jul ihvertfall. Har planlagt en Oslo-tur før d. Ellers vet jeg ikke. Du skal ikke innom London da?
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