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Just doing a post to clear the near year old journal. I don't really use this site as much anymore.

No need to watch this space.
So now, a year after I moved to London I'm back home in Norway. Currently staying at my parents place near Trondheim.

I never posted any more about London as promised in the previous post. In fact, I've mostly used dA to just check the messages.

In any case, it now looks like I'm heading towards webdesign rather than modelmaking as a career. I'm working on updating my website to reflect that. And I'm more likely to post on my own blog than here. Though I wonder if it's possible to have it synced somehow...

I've got a couple of live projects done. The first was my old Modelmaker course, where my tutors wanted a website to present the course. Then through a landlord of a friend of a friend I did a website for someone dealing with properties. And I currently got a job going for the company another friend of mine works for. In addition I'm working on a community project which I'm lagging behind badly.

I got allot to sort out from the move from London; all my stuff being moved and unpacked, cancelling old contracts in England, informing about change of address, complete my tax return, etc etc...

But at the moment there's not a whole lot I can do because my stuff which I sent by boat hasn't arrived yet. ...or it might have arrived, but need to pass customs.

...btw... I just noticed that some of my older journal entries here is duplicated.... hmm.. oddities...
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Right, so, this is the short story: I didn't move back home to Norway anyway, I ended up doing a pitstop in London. Finally got the internet in my new house. I have some new stuff hidden away that I'll upload eventually.

Now, please hang on for the long story.
Yo party people! Just wanted to get rid of this old journal I had there. My London Show is next week and after that I'm pretty much done. Gonna post some new pictures when I come back and also upload a mini-site for my Final Major Project. I hope to get yet another activity rush here before I get bogged down with a job or something.

On a sidenote: It's summer people! Get outside and have fun!
Activity at last. It's been a while since I last posted something here now. the Arts Institute keep me busy. I completed my 6000 word research project. It feels so good to have that done now. Writing is horrible. Don't like it, don't think I ever will.

Now I am really excited as I am free to fully focus on my Final Major Project. I'm free to make whatever I want and I will be doing that until May. Then we will prepare for the London show in beginning of July. After that... well.... I dunno... I gotto find my self a way to make my living... ...but all in it's own time.
How long can the dA admin (the new) ignore what's going on? All the questions the community have about the removal of jark? Perhaps there are legal issue involved, but surely they could say something. I've been idle for at least half a year or so. Mostly due to beeing busy with school and work. All though I had plans of catching up this summer. But for now, I'll delay my planned submissions until I've heard what's going on high up there at dA. I want to know what's happening at this site.

This is not the dA I joined.
Fireworks got a very nifty keyboard for you all you powerusers out there. It got no physical keys, just a big pad that you can use to type, control the mousecursor or do gestures on.

It plugs into the USB port and can (on most systems) be used side by side with your existing keyboard and mouse of you aren't ready to get rid of it yet. Very portable as it can be folded up.

You can get it in QWERTY and DVORAK layout as well as a few international layouts.

The price is currently $339.00, but it's the ultimate keyboard of keyboards.

This item is defiantly going on my next item to get for my computer. A bit annoying that I invested in a Logitech Wireless Keyborad and Mouse last year when I bought my computer.

More info
Greetings all deviants!
We got a new modem for our house last weekend so we could connect it to the wireless network. I'm finally back online. However, I will go offline in a week or two while they reconnect us to our new internett line. 2Mbs. :D

Anyways. One of my many projects atm is that I have to compile a CV and a couple of sample pages for my portfolio. That means I have to dig up images from wha tI did last year. There's a slight problem where as I might have lost a few pictures when I was cleaning up my workspace on the server. In that case I have to take new images where it's still possible.
Anyways, the point is that I'll finally have something new to submit here. Haven't really done that for about a year.
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What icon or symbol would you use to illustrate a blog. (blog = weblog)
I'm redesigning my website and it includes a blog system. And I got a little stuck when I came to the point of making a site section icon for a blog.

any suggestions are most welcome
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Hi to all of you who even care to read journals.
Just a little update to my current status. I'm back in England again and is loaded wotk work until the end of May. After that I hope to be able to visit DA more again and submit some of my work since last. In addition to school work I'm working on a new version of my website. Everything will be revised. Even the domain name somewhat further down the line. The site will act as an portfolio, weblog and a center for those who want to keep track with what I'm doing. I assume it'll be done sometime during the summer and in time for next school year.

now, I REALLY need to get them final scetches done by tomorrow.... :X
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I know my activity has been very low for the last months, but that's due to the fact there's alot to do on my course. I'll probably be back more active later as I usually do, but for now I just check the news'n stuff.

Anyways! I'm now waiting for my housemates to come back with some beer so we can go and have a party. End of term! And I'm going back to Norway tomorrow morning (early! :( ) I'll be there for a allmost the entire April. I'm really looking forward to meeting my old friends again as well as my family.

To all of you gals and guys at DA, Happy Easter!
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The expression "civilized modern society" if a big fat fucking JOKE! too much damn ignorant stupid think-they-know-it-all twats with too much power between their hands!
we're NOT that bloddy great! we're NOT that fucking smart! we're have NOT evolved that much since the stone age! we're MONKEYS with toys! and the toys are getting BIGGER!
THINK about it! in the last century there has died MORE people in armed conflicts than the rest of the HUMAN fucking history together! TWO WORLD WARS! 10 millions dead the first, 55 millions the second! (25 millions from the USSR btw, almost half!)
WHO the bloddy hell came up with the expression "civilized modern society"!?! I dont know how many have dies since the last WW whitch happend to be merely 60 ago. 60 YEARS! we have people walking around NOW that's been though that! but what do we do?! we PUT them in HOSPITALS and HOMES and LAUGH of them because they can't fully remember what happend yesterday. is that CIVILIZED?! is it??! how many stupid idiotic wars and armed conflicts is going on right now?! HOW MANY?! HOW FUCKING MANY MORE HAVE TO DIE BECAUSE OF A FEW TINY GROUP OF IMBESILLS WHO THINKS THEY OWN THE WORLD!?!

I'm bloddy tired of it all... sick and tired to my stomach of it all... everybody just FUCK OFF!
I'm back home in Norway for the hollidays. Been here for two weeks now and it's good to be back in old surroundings. My friends are comming home from whereever they've been the last months, so I'm trying to meet as many of them as I can.

It's SO great to eat some real proper food again as oppose to the student food. There's something spesial about food that haven't been prepared for 2 mins in the microwave...

I got a project over the holliday break, and that's to sculpt a  cartoon character's head (height 4 cm) in four different materials and all of them should look exactly alike. Actually, we're not sculpting unitl after the break, but we have to deside what character we want and make some sketches. I was thinking of going for Marvin the Martian. what a wicked character! dont you think? :D

I've finally gotten my computer and a broadband connection in my house over in England. So hopefully my activity will increase when the year turns to 2004. I've got to take some pictures of the projects I've done so far. Just have to wait until we get them back. I allso have a WB skin going on. A brand new one which I'm quite excited about. I allso plan to make a DX theme and possible an OB theme as well. full skin suite. I'll post a work in progress teaser within the next week or so.

I was in Prague two weeks ago with my class. We stayed there for 5 days. it's was great fun. nice city. (except them occasional square functionalism blocks colored in the 90's bright green, yellow, orange a.s.o. that sticks out between them old nice buildings. Great food and drinks as well. Very good beer. And quite cheap as well.
The girls there are very pretty. High standard. ;)

Anyways, have a happy chistmas and a happy new year.

I'm going back to Bournemouth the 4. January. If anyone should be around the area feel free to drop by. It's allywas fun to talk to new people.
I'm been quite inactive lately, this is because I moved from Norway to England, to study BA (Hons) Modelmaking, exactly one month ago today. (just so happend to be my birthday :D ) The only computer access I have is the computers in the schools library and often it's no computer availible. But I just ordered a computer from Dell two days ago. However, I seem to have been charged twice for the system, so I have to sort that out. I just have to wait until my bank statement proves it's been paid to Dell. Hopefully I'll have that fixed tomorrow. The people that I live with wants to get broadband so, hopefully within a couple a weeks I'll be all set and online. Until I've sorted everything out here my activity will remain low. But do send me a note or comment if you feel like it. I try to check every day for mail and notes.


Article from

US says CO2 is not a pollutant
By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles

31 August 2003

The Bush administration has decreed that carbon dioxide from industrial emissions - the main cause of global warming - is not a pollutant.

The decision by the Environmental Protection Agency - announced with minimal fanfare on the eve of the Labor Day weekend - reverses the stance taken under President Clinton and allows industry to increase emissions with impunity.

It is also part of a pattern of casting doubt on scientific evidence, going back to the US's rejection of the Kyoto Protocols in 2001. Earlier this year, the Bush administration excised a 28-page section on climate change from an EPA report. It also ignored a report by the US Academy of Sciences that argued that the evidence of climate change could not be ignored.

"Saying that carbon dioxide does not cause global warming is like refusing to say smoking causes lung cancer," said Melissa Carey, a climate change expert with the advocacy group Environmental Defense.

Environmental groups are now considering suing the EPA to force the regulation of greenhouse gases.

The Bush administration appears to be guided by a leaked memo by the political consultant Frank Luntz, which advised: "Should the public believe that the scientific issues are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly. Therefore, you need to make the lack of scientific certainty a primary issue in the debate."

Found another article here: Reuters AlertNet - more info

***** Aug 30, 2003 *****
WC airguitar!

I saw the WC for airguitar from somewhere in Finland last night. They broadcasted it live through internetstreaming.
Though, due to some technical difficulties we didn't have any sound for allmost the entire first round. :( Including when the Norwegian guy played. :x Have anyone seen airguitar playing without sound? ... it's not quite the same as it is with sound...
anyways, we finally got the sound back. in double! for a while we heard everything about 1 second after we'd allready heard it. ...that was quite freaky when they where talking in between. espesially when they began japping on in finnish. yxi kaxi blrlbrlblrblrlb....... :O_o:
Because it was an internet streaming, the picture wasn't exactly great. ...actaully, it wasn't even poor... but, we managed to cheer for the right guy. (the norwegian guy!)
it'd be nice if we'd won though... :(
don't ask me who did....


I'm moving to England next Tuesday, so I'm not sure when I get my hands on a computer next time. Might take a couple of weeks.

but until then; why don't you tell me about what sort of things you think of when you've gone to bed and not yet fallen sleep. I'm curious...


yeah! I love it!. DAv3 is blazing fast! All hail to the creators and developers of! :worship:

I'm quiting work tomorrow. my last day. after that it's abotu two weeks until I move to england. I've booked a ticked for the 2nd September. the first weeks after that I might not be able to communicate via a computer. all depending when I get my gouverment fundings for studying over seas. I've just blown away £3400 on eleven months pre-payment for the house. all payed with my saving account due to the long processing time for the gouverment funding. and when I finally get the money, I'll have to blow away another £7000 to pay for the school. -it's official; I*m broke!

anyways... I've finally gotten some time to finally begin to comment on all the deviation that's been lying in my devWatch for over a month. now I just have to begin on the big pile of e-mails.... *sigh* it's a tough job and ... I have to do it.... :/


EDIT: the £ thingies you see in my journal is suppose to be the sign for UK pound sterling. DAv3 still have a couple of hickups...
Hurray! ...and allso :(

Version 3 looks nice and the upcomming features seems nice as well.. I didn't bother to try out the beta version. (Well, to be honest, I didn't have time)

I liked that you could select skins, skins that doesn't include lots of fancy graphics incase you should find your self on a low-bandwidth connection just to check the status.

The sad part is I had 100 deviations on my list that I haven't looked at yet. I've been very busy lately with working as well as trying to organize my moving to England. I'm very sorry that I haven't had time to be much active this past month. (should prolly say months). I promise I'll make up for it when I get settled after I've moved. dunno how long it will take though. might take one or two months. I'm moving within the first days in September by the way. The reason why I'm moving is that I'm going to attend BA (hons) Modelmaking for Design and Media at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. I'll get back later to what that really is. Anyways, to everybody at DA that I've had contact with, I will be back and active!.
I'll allso try to find them 100 deviations I've missed out on. I'm just glad that the devWatch wasn't erased.

Thomas Thomassen