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This is my first WB skin ever. Started as a test, become an obsession. I'd never belived WB skinning to be such to time consuming.

Anyway, the skin is sci-fi futuristic inspirated. There is a couple of things I still need to work on, but I'll update it when it's done

The skin is a small one. In fact the zip file is smaller than the preview. I recomend to try it instead of just looking at the preview.
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Don't you mean NSFGui :D Great job, probably the best game skin I've seen. DX FTW!
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Thanks. Glad you like this old relic. :)

p.s. it's not a game skin, just something I made inspired by all them GUI's in films and such. ;)
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Onl;y just discovered this. Up there with some of my all time WB greats!
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Hehe, I've been working on one skin for 6 months now...adding things every now and then and letting it sleep for a while - so, yes, skinning is time-consuming. :) (Smile)
I like your skin, nice to have darker skins pop up again. And - no, we don't want winamp controls in our skins ;) (Wink)

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very impressive...i'm also working on my first wb skin,i hope i do as good a job as you have done...

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Extremely impressive for a 1st skin. Can't wait to see some more of your work in the future.

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tried it out and it was even better than I thought. Don't usually use dark skins but this could change that. nice colors.
you should skin some other applications in this style.
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this skin made me start using WB again! i really like the design and colors. if i had any complaints it would be the stroll buttons. otherwise GOOD WORK

now i have to find new wallpaper to match my new WB skin
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That's a cool skin sirethomas. I like the colours used, quirky combination but it works - looks unique =D (Big Grin)

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can i suggest something ... WB skins are really cool with winamp controllers (wink wink nudge nudge) !!!

.:night all:.
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wow!! for a first skin, this is a really great effort!! the detail on the buttons is amazing, and the colors - not to dark, and with a great hint of spice and color!

.:night all:.
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Very original skin. Lots of detail. Welcome to the fold. :-) (Smile)
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